northanger (northanger) wrote,

Relevant in light of Cunningham??

{highly recommended}

attended Friends School in Detroit, Michigan. "free school". top goalie playing non-regulation woodchip soccer in freezing snow. wearing sneakers & insubstantial windbreaker. glorious. playing hookey reading rolling stone, paris match, etcetera in school library.

reading (glasses found!) brouwer, 17-gon (neato!), lady welby (every one of us is in one sense a born explorer: our only choice is what world we will explore, our only doubt whether our exploration will be worth the trouble ... And the idlest of us wonders: the stupidest of us stares: the most ignorant of us feels curiosity: while the thief actively explores his neighbour's pocket or breaks into the ‘world’ of his neighbour's house and plate-closet), theory-edge, gurevich (pdf), larouche youth movement (yikes!) & riemann for anti-dummies, cute pooties, os priapi, new release of Satire D&D v1.0 & wondering about leaking finitude. desperately hoping our dear friend in england, deep in the redeeming wine of nierenstein, somehow manages a spate of non-frivolity. read this, this, this & this.

true desire is always the desire for a monster


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