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Vieux TelegrapheLou vin de castou noù souno la voio, emai lou cant, emai l'amour, emai la joio (wine from Châteauneuf brings courage, melody, love and joy) —Frédéric Mistral

Marin County was a wash ... too much rain. Decided to run around wet soaked pavements with big sister. We got takeout and slouched toward the sofa watching tv, eating dessert. Before hibernating, we ran to a convenience store—a rundown nasty place i wasn't too impressed with—for drinks. This time, able to "see" the interesting wine collection. I am not a wine drinker, I guzzle ... I gulp. My determination is to get drunk, asap! Saw an unusual bottle with an antique looking label and the bottle itself embossed with tiara and two crossed keys. Bought it to the counter excitedly asking about it—intending to purchase. The proprieter laughed and said, do you know this is very expensive ($33.99 US)?. He said it was very good. My sister and I left, consumed food, watched tv ... and, as usual, I kicked her out around 10pm. Then I searched this interesting wine ... (after opening it, of course ... and i have never ever been educated by a wine before ... didn't feel stoopid smelling its aroma, holding it up to the light, swirling it about—getting to know it).

This is a bottle of 1997 Châteauneuf-du-Pape from Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe. The label says: APPELLATION CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE CONTROLÉE [AOC | Mathes | Baron Le Roy]. Embossed, over the label, are the words, Chateauneuf-du-Pape arched over a papal three-tier tiara and two crossed keys and the word Contrôlé underneath. Several weeks ago I first learned about the AOC searching for information on brie cheese ... so this bit of synchronicity seemed intriguing (need to rebanish, neh?).

In 1180, The Order of the Knights Templar were situated near Châteauneuf establishing vineyards. By the 1300s, the Knights Templar had powerful political connections, extensive land holdings in Europe and the Middle East, and a strong banking system (the Knights Hospitaller also had a banking system).

Châteauneuf du pape means "the pope's new castle". Pope Clement V is the pope who aided the king responsible for the downfall of the Knights Templar in France (however, Clement V secretly pardoned the Knights Templar in 1314) [COUNCIL OF VIENNE (1311-1312)]. Clement V, Archbishop of Bordeaux and a vineyard owner, was nominated and effectively installed as pope by King Philip (source). He also moved the papal seat from Rome to Avignon that "proved the precursor of the long Avignon Papacy, the Babylonian captivity ... ("captives" of the French Kings). One theory about King Philip's motivation in arresting all of the Knights Templar in France was to gain control of the money from The Church.

Pope Clement V was the first to wear the triple tiara.

"Almost all surviving Triple Tiaras are shaped similarly, in the form of a circular beehive, with its central core made of silver. Within that one shape, a number of variations occurred; some were sharply conical, others bulbous. All tiaras but the final one were heavily covered in jewels. Each tiara was structured in the form of three crowns marked by golden decorations, sometimes in the form of crosses, sometimes in the shape of leaves. Most were topped off by a crucifix."

Clement V confiscated the Châteauneuf vineyards from the Templars and the winery would become famous for supplying wine to The Vatican. Note: the Knights Hospitaller did not suffer the same fate as the Knights Templar. Due to the persecution of the Templars, the Knights Hospitaller thought it wise to leave the banking business. Guillaume de Chateauneuf was Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller from 1242-1258. Many catholic countries, by Clement V command, were ordered to disband the Templars. All did so except Scotland

... Pierre d'Aumont , and a few Brethren of the Order are said to have found refuge in the Island of Mull, and through them it was perpetuated in Scotland, as we have seen, under the veil of Masonry. Werner develops his theme on this basis.] Werner developed an extraordinary theme, representing a great secret, spiritual power behind the Temple, that of the SONS OF THE VALLEY, a Company of Adept Brethren belonging to a Hidden School of Christ, which recalls the Secret Church of Christ in Eckhartshausen's CLOUD UPON THE SANCTUARY. The Knights Templar are said to have tampered with a sacred knowledge placed in their hands and they were about to reveal it to the world. The providence of the Sons of the Valley was therefore withdrawn, and they were left to work out their own destiny of destruction at the hands of Pope and King. Yet they would not be abandoned utterly: a little remnant should be reserved against the dawn of a day to come. A young Chevalier of the Order with a few other knights, and that Prior of Auvergne about whom we have heard previously, were commissioned into Scotland, there to perpetuate the Order under the veils of trowel and apron until such time as the further will of the Valley should be known concerning it. [Waite note: The chevalier was Robert of Heredom, a Scottish Brother, who is initiated by the Sons of the Valley(19) towards the end of the poem and is created Master of the new Temple, which is to arise from the ashes of the old, and guardian of the Secret Palladium until such time as men are ripe for its knowledge and fit to receive that light which the Valley revealed to Molay on the eve of his martyrdom.] (source)

The Unicorn is the symbol of Scotland ... Boleskine is in Scotland.

Yon lion placed two unicorns between
That rampant with a silver sword is seen.
Is for the king of Scotland’s banner known

The AOE: “The Architectonic Order of the Eschaton, an ultra-hermetic metamasonic white- brotherhood at war with lemurian influences. The AOE progresses by way of chronic internal schism, each resulting in an ever more interiorized inner society. Its traditions are therefore refracted through various - apparently conflicting - front organizations (which include the Heliopolitan Hierophancy, Roman Catholic Church, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, and Axsys programme). —The AOE and the Brotherhood of Nine

In Jerusalem the Templers began to deviate further and further away from the practices of Christianity. They learned the secret arts of the Kabala and ancient form of Jewish magic along with its dark rights and rituals. The Jews have learned the arts from the pagans of ancient Egypt during the times of enslavement to the Pharaoh and develop them into Babylon for the time of Navakanazar. In 1307 King Philip of France arrested them for charges of denial of Christ, homosexuality and idol worship as well as magic. In 1314 Pope Claymont V declared all Templates heretics to Christianity ordering all their properties to be seized. Their leader Chekthemolay was captured and burnt. The Templace was cornered and just when it seemed they were finished forever a glimmer of hope arose from a seemingly certain end they were to find a safe haven as well as an ally but not in France in fact in a country in a desperate struggle for independence against the English. The country of Scotland. —How The World Has Been Intelligently Controlled

The present work is one such explanation. Arthur has a hard time understanding the concept of Religious Dissimulation, at least as practiced by people who are "ostensibly" Christian, at least on the exterior, or "ostensibly" heathen(whatever that term means) on the exterior. But, true religion knows no sect or creed, and the aims of the Johannites were to make that dream a reality, and cause the Kingdom of Heaven to be realised on Earth, rather than relegate it to the pipe dream in the sky the Christian Churches have made of it. —Qadosh: The Johannite Tradition

This is what is perhaps most astonishing about Gibson's film. Far from being a statement of Catholic bigotry, it can only be read as an anti-authoritarian AND THEREFORE anti-Catholic film. For the Pharisees of two millennia ago, puffed up in their absurd finery, substitute the child-abuser apologists of today's gilt-laden, guilt-ridden Vatican. Against all the odds, against two thousand years of cover-ups and dissimulation, The Passion of the Christ recovers the original Christ, the anti-Wordly but not otherwordly Christ of Liberation Theology: the Gnostic herald of Apocalypse Now. —Golgothic Materialism

Faraj's book Jihad, The Latent Duty adds a new twist to the Wahhabi / Salafi / Takfiri tactics, 'taqiyya' (Taghieh) [1], as one of the elemental and basic components of Jihad. Faraj’s take on taqiyya (or taghieh) entirely departs from once the defensive nature of Taqiyya as an evading tactic in the dawn of Islam. Taghieh is reconstituted by strategic simulations / dissimulations running on offensive polytics. Faraj insists that Jihad cannot be separated from Taghieh; while the crusade transgresses the boundaries to retake the holy lands, Jihad cannot be transgressive; it should merely defend the holy lands, and Islamic currents (which are not necessarily associated with geo-political dimensions) but as Wahhab and Ben Baza pointed out, "Isn’t the earth itself moving towards Allah by submitting itself to the 'exterior' Will of Allah, or in other words, doesn’t the Earth is a part of Islam (utter submission to Allah)?" To this extent, the Earth itself becomes a part of the defensive polytics of Jihad. Ahmad Mustafa, also, suggests that 'We are returning to Islam' (after centuries of living blind in Jahl, ignorance) so this Jihad is not a reactionary response to the infidels but merely the path to Islam (surrendering to the desert of God), in this Grand Return, the reactionary offense and restriction comes from the crusading army or according to Mustafa, the so-called free world, not Islam. Faraj cunningly adds the polytics of Taghieh to this notion of non-reactionary Jihad which takes the Earth as a part of Islam (Earth as a part of the universe is on the route of the utter submission -- Islam -- to Allah). —The Absent Obligation or the Latent Duty

[1] Taghieh 'originally' means a strategic (dis)simulation; the belief of the concealment of the true beliefs in situations where harm or death will definitely be encountered if the true beliefs are declared.






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