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the + symbol and the x symbol are assigned to the same symbol group. both are old ideograms appearing in most cultures. both can mean the number 10 (X is ten in latin). i really like how explains the different hobo signs: in the French hobo system [+] means here they give nothing & X means this apartment/house is a good project for a burglary. [+] vertical line = spirit; horizontal line = material. compare symbols for venus & mars.

the + symbol also represents addition & the crosshairs. the x symbol represents mulitiplication, location of treasure (x marks the spot) & the quincunx. the quincunx is the crossroads.

several years ago i came across the quincunx & discovered ordeal-x, Blavatsky's x symbolism & the decussation of the pyramids (DoP). highly recommend Brian's recent ljpost, Mushroom Gnosis I & II.

one Singularity (probably the primary) characteristic is speed. speed reading/learning experts focus on brain dominance.

there are several locations in the human body were nerves cross (or decussate) leading to left-right dominance (eyes, hands, etc). my brother is ambidextrous & (we're medbrats) we were fascinated by a doctor who could operate with both hands. several years ago, near the Bodhi Tree bookstore, i got a tarot reading from a guy sitting in a dark hole in the wall lined with bricks. a big flag of Scotland hung high up on the wall. he shuffled the deck then asked me to pull 22 cards & silently watched me as i pulled them with two hands. when i finished he said, in all the years i've been doing this i have never seen anyone use both hands.

[+] addition accumulates; [x] multiplication does it faster. if both symbols are rotated they become the other symbol. i believe the dynamic movement i'm looking for is [+] ===> [x] ===> [*] (overlay both symbols to create 8-rayed star, another symbol for Venus).

(not finished with this, but need to grab a pack. still working out whether ERICBERNE = [x] & DAMOCLES = [+], or the other way round. surprised to hear about X Marks the Spot, ROTF - yikes!)


adore Joanna Quinn's artwork for United Airlines new ad campaign. my favorite is Lightbulb. a woman sits at a table brainstorming & comes up with an idea. her idea appears as a colored lightbulb over her head. she cradles her lightbulb & boards a UA flight to pitch her idea to an investor. three different colored lightbulbs appear over his head & he reaches up & twirls his fingers through them — he gets it! after all this flying around she's walking on the street in a crowd & suddenly ... she sees her "lightbulb" popping over everyone's head.

that's asteroid LUCIFER = [*] (aka Venus).

still thinking how to represent [+] & [x]. possibliy DAMOCLES, ERICBERNE or TANTALUS.

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