northanger (northanger) wrote,


Astrology is born with history, It is alive in human consciousness, Its heyday is still to come.*

Astrodienst, Liz Greene, Robert Hand, Curtis R. Manwaring, Michael Lutin, Rockie Gardiner, Dane Rudhyar, Michael R. Meyer, Anne Wright, Marth Wescott, Albert Timashev, Juan Antonio Revilla, The Uranian Institute, The Declination Lady, The Zodiac Master, Eileen Nauman, Kim Falconer, Noel Tyl, Christopher Warnock, Walter D. Pullen, Robert E. Zoller, Medieval Astrology, Prediction & 11th September 2001, Rob Brezsny, Lauren Edmond, Patrick Mulcahy, Sue Simmons,, Mark A. Holmes, The Mountain Astrologer, Himalayan Academy Publications, Maya del Mar, Eric Francis, Zodiacal Zephyr, Zane Stein, Frater RIKB, Astrology Center of America, Project Hindsight, Astroturf, Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul (Sepharial), Patrice Guinard (Astrology: The Manifesto: [1][2][3][4]), Sepharial (The Astral Tramp, That Terrible Iconoclast)


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