northanger (northanger) wrote,

black capitalist pig

my nail-biting, anxiety producing weekend is done. kinda hair-raising driving with no car insurance to downtown SFO. (doing my best to stay around 60-mph when somebody flashed their lights blinding me momentarily). parked in valet parking as dad instructed ($14 an hour!! $44 tops!! yikes). concierge called dad's room & handed me the phone. said he liked my hat as the phone was ringing (khaki thingy with mickey mouse on front, my name stitched backwards on the back & under that my badly braided head). since i knew i did not look like anybody with enough money to be within 25 miles of this fine establishmet, i made sure to use my best Paris Hilton voice & said Hi Daddy & carefully repeated his room number out loud. concierge kindly apologized for SOP. i swear his suit fabric melted in my fingers as i patted his arm in approval.

dad gave me movie-going money & a check to get car insurance. scoffed at my minimal attempt to work out a new game plan & reminded me (kindly) that we had a deal. we got clear on deal details & then went to dinner. surprise. the chef actually sat us (never having done this before) at her favorite table. what did i like? beef! filet mignon was not on the menu but it was available, she said. so i decided on meal deja-vu including brulee like last time. this hunk of meat was like butter. exquisite. got a doggie bag with all the cookies i couldn't eat with the brulee.

i admit it. i was a complete dork during this entire fine-dining experience. fortunately, i remembered to ask if they comped parking (yes). so it was only twelve bucks.

out of all the things my dad is doing for me i appreciate (and will remember) these two dinners the most.


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