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who is Guo Shoujing?

he's this guy (see this & Purple Mountain) & asteroid GUO_SHOU-JING is Cycle #15's endpoint (conjunct PFUND, LOKE, PAX & APOPHIS) during Neptune's return to Aquarius 14°49'0.8315".

Neptune going direct is the most important consideration during Cycle #06. Neptune is {a} the 827 Chart's ruler (or, Lord of the Ascendant) & {b} conjuncts the Aquarian 15° gateway. after looking at my journal i realized that astroschyzy mostly showed up during Neptune's retrograde. friday afternoon, after much procrastinating on my part & hair-pulling on my sister's part i finally contacted a tax specialist. now i don't feel so much like Jacob Marley. i'd been pondering Neptune going direct for the last few days so, curious, i checked my natal asteroids at Neptune's retrograde cycle (Aquarius 14°49'0.8315" to 17°36'12.7124"). surprise: arabic part DEBT {16Aq44}. hmmm. i think what happened is the Aquarian gateway got slightly expanded during this retrograde.

then i decided to look at when Neptune returns to 17°36'12.7124" on Cycle #15 & {a} POCAHONTAS {16AR18} is still the forerunner; {b} new seed: NAUSIKAA {17LI43Rx} ODDUBB {17LI45}, WHITE_MOON {18LI18}, RURIKO {20LI17Rx}, HOPI {20LI45Rx}, ETHIOPIA {20LI50Rx}, GOTHA {21LI10Rx}. POCAHONTAS reaches 5th House Finding joy, pleasure & creative expression [Children] & EON-14 Perseverance, Reality Check, Irrepressible Will, Individualizing.

who is Fegh Maha (other than the letters FEGH being the 14-E, 15-F, 16-G & 17-H letters of the alphabet; AQ 62 = EFGH = ACHAD)? well, they wrote Rock Eisteddfod (My thematic concept, will be a post-apocalyptic nightmare; Made of cardboard boxes, and foil taped to my stack hat).

Neptune is the second planet discovered in the modern era. the main distinctions about it's controversial discovery is its retrograde cycle (Galileo observed Neptune when it was "stationary" & thought it was a fixed star); the mathematics used to determine it's precise location ( of LeVerrier's prediction) & the confirmation of Newtonian physics.

what is the fruit of all this precision? Neptune is an ice giant (usually thought of as a gas giant) but not that icy really — it's mostly liquidy with a slightly nougaty center. a fine planet to build a floating city perhaps. & the highest wind speeds in the solar system.

Neptune's astrology keywords: intuitive, spiritual, compassionate, psychic & many astrologers think Neptune rules viruses & bacteria.

{Retrograde Periods} {Neptune @ NASA (Great Dark Spot = "scooting; scooter")}



during Cycle #15:

 • ORCHIS 59º51'19" from ZERO POINT @ EON-6: Endurance, Illuminating Intervention, Larger Forces, Crisis of Growth

 • JUPITER 30º59'19" from ODDUBB {7::2} @ EON-2: Germination, Emergent, Fluid, Coming into Focus, Trad vs. New

 • DRUJ 45º33'18" from NATAL POSITION @ EON-5: Restriction, Inadequate Knowledge, Shadow Elements, Shock to System


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