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827 Transit Corrections (#06 & #10)

Cycle #10 offline temporarily (grabbed incorrect dates). Cycle #06 rebuilt: {a} moved several asteroids in the wrong houses (Asteroid Spread updated); {b} added keywords for EUROPA, HERMIONE, KARIBA, KUNDRY (plus WAGNER, ARTHUR, etal), PARMENIDES, IAU & ROLANDMEIER (very interesting fellow).

forgot to include another link for ROLANDMEIER (add later):

8. Spectroscopic observations

Emission from two more molecules in Comet Hale-Bopp has been detected. On May 5, 1997, R. Meier and colleagues announced observations of DCN (cyanic acid in which the hydrogen atom is replaced by the isotope deuterium) in comet C/1995 O1 with the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope at Mauna Kea on Apr. 27.9 UT (IAU Circular 6641): The 10-sigma detection of the DCN 5-4 transition at 362.046 GHz was taken together with a quasi-simultaneous measurement of the HCN 4-3 line.... Our preliminary analysis leads to an approximate DCN/HCN ratio on the order of 10-3. At the time of the observations, the comet was passing in front of the Taurus dark clouds, and we have been careful to exclude the possibility of contamination by background sources. The detection of DCN is the first detection of cometary deuterium in a molecule other than water. The availability of a D/H ratio in both water (IAUC 6615) and a carbon-nitrogen-bearing molecule may provide fundamental information on the origin and evolution of comets.

Two days later, on May 7, 1997, P. Colom and collaborators reported on IAU Circular 6645 that on Apr. 5 UT, we detected the blend of J(21-20) lines of CH3OCHO (methyl formate) in C/1995 O1 at 227.562 GHz with the IRAM 30-m telescope.... A preliminary estimate of the CH3OCHO production rate is 6 x 1027 molecules/s, which corresponds to an abundance relative to CH3OH of about 3 percent.


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