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Astroschyzy Cycle #07

Cycle #07 :: 08-Nov-2005 to 19-Nov-2005

Cycle #07 ready. New Forerunner: RUDRA; 2-XOSA, 3-EUREKA, 4-SHOEMAKER, 5-JUSTITIA, 6-POCAHONTAS. re-ran ephemerides for XOSA & RUDRA to confirm, correct. both in the same natal house (first).

 • MERCURY RETROGRADE: 14-Nov-05 in Sagittarius 10°56'12.8408" @ 05:42:282581UT.

on 27-Aug, RUDRA {01SG36} & XOSA {25SG59}. RUDRA (25°49'0.7172") bypasses XOSA (25°41'21.6913") in Capricorn on 05-Nov; however, since ephemeris dates staggered this doesn't show up until Cycle #07. RUDRA remains ahead of XOSA up to April (haven't run ephemerides pass this date). neither retrogrades during this time period. don't know yet if any other asteroid overtakes RUDRA.

on natal chart SATURN (9) 05LE21 & DRUJ (9) 03LE51 conjunct. if JUPITER is "boom", SATURN is "bust"; JUPITER is Expansion; SATURN is Contraction. usually DRUJ remains relatively close to SATURN but occassionally makes a wild swing out of SATURN's sphere of influence (see: Cycle #04 03-Oct-2005 to 14-Oct-2005). on Cycle #07 DRUJ at EON-2 Germination, Emergent, Fluid, Coming into Focus, Trad vs. New. Keep in mind: all lunar-lilith points interact with DRUJ.

added notation on New Seed indicating syzygy. syzygies for KLIO, TALIMA, DAWKINS, BALLARD, CUPIDO_(A) = {6::3}. ODDUBB is the {7::2} syzygy. when ODDUBB is first on this list (see: Cycle #06 27-Oct-2005 to 07-Nov-2005) consider New Seed Oddubbian without any influence from {6::3} DJYNXX. in this case, New Seed admixture {6::3}+{7::2}. interesting: 6+7=13=4 & 3+2=5. there is no 4::5 demon in Pandemonium — probably Kattakian influence?

occurred to me: {a} observe EON phase at Zero Point & End Point & {b} add planetary powers to Asteroid Spread (ruling, exalted, fallen, detriment).

asteroids ASH {27SC36}, VULCAN {27SC44} & KONSTITUTSIYA {27SC56} at ZERO POINT. Ash + Vulcan highly suggestive.

EDNA endpoint is natal EON-36. EDNA named after wife of Julius F. Stone, benefactor; last discovered asteroid by E. F. Coddington.

EDNA (1) fem. Irish, Scottish; Anglicized form of EITHNE ("kernel" in Gaelic). EDNA (2) fem. Biblical; Means "pleasure" in Hebrew ... appears in the Old Testament Apocrypha in the Book of Tobit. Asmodeus appears in the Book of Tobit

must run to family dinner ... consider {a} Let all the Æons praise thee, mentioned here, said by Edna & {b} "Edna Pontellier" a character (married to successful New Orleans businessman) in Kate Chopin's The Awakening & see Exploring Kate Chopin's The Awakening.

Kate Chopin born in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA part of the French Creole community. her father a founder of the Pacific Railroad. wikipedia :: On a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, she met and was greatly influenced by an independent woman singer and actress. Her experiences in New Orleans were the basis of "Emancipation: A Life Fable". During these years, she began to question the authority of the Roman Catholic Church, especially in matters concerning gender roles ... [she spent her summers] at Grand Isle, a resort community on the Gulf of Mexico.

@wikipedia :: The Awakening is a novel by Kate Chopin, published in 1899. The novel examines the smothering effects of late 19th-century social structures upon a woman whose simple desire is to fulfill her own potential and live her own life. It is a story of both courage and defeat, lyrically written and boldly poignant. The novel received only one printing, probably due to its controversial content; it was rediscovered in 1969 and has become a part of the canon of American literature.


{1} on 827 Chart, apollo asteroid TANTALUS {29LI43} conjunct WASHINGTONIA {29LI21} @ EON-36 & on Cycle #07, TANTALUS {25SG23} (precisely) conjunct BUSCH {25SG23} @ EON-1 (Declination +14°).

{2} from Cycle #06 (29-Oct-2005) to Cycle #12 (11-Jan-2006) asteroid BUSCH at declination -21° (max southern declination: 06-Dec-2005 @ -21°54'35.7659); see: Tantalus: Apollos, PHAs & NEOs, Asteroids #7121-Busch & #2102-Tantalus, The Qabalah of Maat, 21 Gematria & The Quincuncial Texan.


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