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Astroschyzy Cycle #04

Cycle #04 :: 03-Oct-2005 to 14-Oct-2005

Cycle #04 revised. asteroid FITGERALD in new seed phase with SUN; (UPDATE: also note asteroid IRANI in this spread). DRUJ 41º22'38" from Natal Position @ EON-4 (Cultivation, Instinctual Growth, Nascent Qualities, Accelerating). XOSA remains emergent.

 • MARS RETROGRADE: 01-Oct-05 in Taurus 23°22'20.3745" @ 22:03:387271UT.

Mars goes retrograde 01-Oct in 23TA22Rx @ 22:03:387271UT, Declination 16°29'25.1516"N. since dates for ephemerides are staggered, Mars retrograde doesn't appear until astroschyzy Cycle #04. (note: natal Mars is in the 6th House; on Cycle #3 its ephemeride date is 26-Sep, factoring 22-Sep Fall Equinox). Mars goes direct in Cycle #09 on 09-Dec in 08TA15 @ 04:03:288992UT, Declination 15°14'12.0391"N.

Mars Retrograde @ NASA :: This year's martian retrograde runs from October 1 to December 9, and forms an open zigzag. Even though 2003 saw the closest approach in 60,000 years, this fall Mars will appear higher in our sky and brighter than two years ago. This is due to the tilt of the planets and the corresponding seasons. In 2003, the closest approach occurred in August - Earth's summer. The red planet was lower in Earth's sky (closer to the horizon) and, therefore, our view of it was dulled a bit by our own thick atmosphere. This year, closest approach will occur at the end of October - Earth's fall. With Mars higher in our night sky (without any atmospheric interference), it will appear clearer and crisper to sky watchers.

more info :: Astrology on the Web | Eileen Nauman | Erin Sullivan.

interestingly, Eileen Nauman quotes a Native American saying concerning retrogrades (& also mentions Mercury's retrograde 14-Nov). asteroid XOSA conjuncts NAVAJO during Cycle #5.


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