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happy halloween

updated Cycle #6: {a} added N/S to declinations, {b} colored natal EON-1 asteroids & made it a token: :EON-1: (ie, ":EON-1: makes searching easier); {c} forgot to update asteroid spread, fixed; {d} added house keywords & natal positions for major planets; {e} tracking DRUJ, (True Apogee) currently conjunct Saturn (check out lunar & druj articles by russian astrologer Albert Timashev: articles & site). note: two types of conjunctions. {a} traditional 10 degree orb & {b} EON-1 phase 30 degrees.

wikipedia: Blue Gene/L supercomputer breaks the world speed record to achieve 280.6 teraFLOPS.

XOSA overtakes LALAGE on Cycle #8 Cycle #7 (more about this one later).


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