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updates, fixes

Cycle #6 transits updated. plugged in data for Cuirongfeng & Struveana; added more asteroids (PECKER & FINI previously on list):

#9313-PROTEA {09SC55} & #52228-PROTOS {04CP10} (Greek Alpha); #11446-BETANKUR {13GE24Rx} (Greek Beta); #10346-TRIATHLON {00LE45} (Greek Gamma); #8598-TETRIX {04CP25} (Greek Delta); #5261-EUREKA {19CP03} (Greek Epsilon); #11667-TESTA {15LE49} (Greek Zeta), 795-FINI {04PI03} (Greek Eta); #34366-ROSAVESTAL {16CN38}; #11598-KUBIK {02SG48} (Ubi, by PKD).

#1744-HARRIET {28LI14} (Harriet Miers); #611-VALERIA {08VI20} (Plamegate); #3665-FITZGERALD {28LI02} (Patrick Fitzgerald); #1958-CHANDRA {16LE40} (Karl Rove); #5672-LIBBY {18SG39} (Scooter Libby); #1629-PECKER {26VI35} (Richard Cheney).

{1} noticed comets NEAT, KUDO-FUJIKAWA & TEMPEL1 don't list new ephemerides — should be fixed by tomorrow (must redo 827 list & all transits; ok on cycle #6).

{2} invalid declinations in twelfth house (mostly north should be south) — fixed by tomorrow.

{3} asteroids HARRIET & FITZGERALD conjunct in 12th house (& awful close to 6th sicle). traditional: House of Troubles (Pisces); represents disruption, disassociation, subconscious. Beyond the Personal: This house represents those spheres of life in which the individual no longer plays a part, where we step back for a greater whole or lose ourselves in one. Traditional astrology sees hospitals, prisons and psychiatric institutions in this house. It is also associated with monasteries and any other retreats. Libra seeks harmony, balance, relationship & calm. Libra in 12th house? harmonious disruption? see Zone 8.

{4} asteroids HARRIET & FITZGERALD also in final EON phase.

hey! i'll have cable again by tomorrow. no internet tho. now ... the sad thing is we're supposed to get free basic cable at my apt complex. comcast dude turned the whole thing off when he disconnected me. so big sis threw in HBO (but ... i need to show results!: have i made an appointment to deal with my finances? nooooooo).

bought box of neon diskettes to tote data from pc to pc. transit report spreadsheet is 20MB. ouch. if you're near a candle, light one for me. gorilla man willing to buy me a new pc. need a zip drive to transfer data from the old box.

what else? i'm dinner sitting while mom & girls buying halloween costumes. so i don't have to write this all rushed & whatnot. just semi-rushed.


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