northanger (northanger) wrote,

827 Transit Reports

827 part iii built incorrectly, fixed. transit reports up: cycle #2, cycle #3, cycle #4 & cycle #5 (cycle #1 is natal chart aka 827 List).

each transit report tracks {a} distance between zero point & orchis, {b} distance between oddubb & jupiter, {c} last asteroid in, {d} new seed asteroids & {e} asteroid spread & major planet locations.

dates for transit ephemerides set by natal chart. natal chart (827 List) is the only transit report where all asteroid locations are (more or less) on same date. 827 List also establishes house location for each asteroid when running ephemerides. therefore, transit report staggers dates creating holographic effect. ie, cycle #5 first house ephemerides = 15-Oct-, 2nd = 16-Oct, 3rd = 17-Oct, etc.

drats. tomorrow last day for cycle #5. must haul ass & finish grabbing ephemerides. so far got data for 6 houses, 5 formatted. will plug those in spreadsheet today.


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