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Joan Didion on Charlie Rose last night talking about her new book, The Year of Magical Thinking (i love her face, her hands, her eyes ... her tears):

Out of excruciatingly painful personal experience, Joan Didion has written a lacerating yet peculiarly stirring book "about death, about illness, about probability and luck, about good fortune and bad, about marriage and children and memory, about grief, about the ways in which people do and do not deal with the fact that life ends, about the shallowness of sanity, about life itself." In December 2003 two terrible things happened: her only child, Quintana, married months earlier, was hospitalized in a coma, and five days later her husband, John Gregory Dunne, died "in the living room of our apartment in New York [after] a sudden massive coronary event" just as he and Didion were about to have dinner. For more than a year, Didion's life was completely taken over by these events; The Year of Magical Thinking is the story of that year. {Washington Post's Book World}

adorable Prunella Scales on KQED (pbs), Looking for Victoria. makeup, interview & IMDb.

several days ago ... Volcano's Deadly Warning :: Bernard Chouet & "mystical sort of thing". (liked how he explained things, drawing long period events on chalkboard).

In December 2000, scientists at the National Center for Prevention of Disasters in Mexico City predicted an eruption within two days from Popocatépetl, on the outskirts of Mexico City. Their prediction used research done by Dr. Bernard Chouet, a Swiss vulacanologist working at the United States Geological Survey, into increasing long-period oscillations as an indicator of an imminent eruption. The government evacuated tens of thousands of people. Forty eight hours later, bang on time, the volcano erupted spectacularly. It was Popocatépetl's largest eruption for a thousand years and yet no one was hurt. {Volcano @ wikipedia}

Suddenly you realize the volcano is speaking to you, and you understand the language ... When one looks at these kind of natural phenomena, volcanic eruption, you always think of the impact on human lives. The ultimate quest is to understand enough about the activity in that volcano to be in a position to make a prediction, predict the occurrence of an eruption.

Well the easiest way to visualize the difference between these two types of events is to draw them. And so the A-type event is characterized by a sharp onset. This sharp onset here is a signature, it's a sound of rock breaking. In other words, we, we're seeing the brittle failure of rock material. On the other hand, if you look at the long period event, it's characterized by this slow onset, gradual build-up of energy in the signal and then a slow decaying single tone which lasts for a while. What we're seeing here is resonance ... The volcano was singing its song. I mean actually, this is a little like chirping if you want, with these, these sustained waves from the long period event.

Science works through a painstaking process of research and testing and research and testing. You have to show that process is applicable to other volcanoes as well. Because there's infinitely more richness in nature than one can imagine.
{pbs transcript}

Long Period Event
Mary Helen Taft

Our lives resonate
like the tolling of a bell
like the wail of a single note
that swells before it slowly fades
to nothing
{pdf link}

[0694|{6::3}] ~ #12-VICTORIA {19LE43} • DECLINATION: 9º4'46.6838"N ~ ANTISCIA: Taurus 10º16'2" • DISTANCE: 262º26'1" FROM ORCHIS @ [DUBHE] • HEART CHAKRA {Anahata (Waxing 45º)} • Compass Rose: NE 45º0' @ 32 PATHS OF WISDOM ~ Path #29: CORPOREAL INTELLIGENCE ~ The TWENTY-NINETH PATH (Original #14) {3rd Reciprocal Path} Binah to Chokmah = ATU XVII THE STAR = AQUARIUS = TZADDI • 49-STAR TIC MATRIX: [[ ZONE :: ONE {Mercury} - MESH-tXP: 00/02 LURGGO ~ ticX 2 = : ]] — PRIME SERIES [1]-[75]-[146] :: PRIME NUMBERS [2]-[379]-[839] • EON PHASE: 27 (Phase Arc 257°10' ~ Waning Bi-Septile) Transformation, Conscious Agent, Cosmic Empowerment, Harmonizing • SUBDECADANCE [14 ~ LEO 10°-19°] MESH-24: PABBAKIS (Pabzix) : Dabbler ~ Net-Span 7::3 : Decadology {C/TP-#5 MJ+ [5C]} Amphidemon of Interference (and fakery); 2nd Decademon; Batrachian mutations (and frog-plagues); Cans of worms (vermophobic hysteria, propagation by division) • GOË-ANGELICA ~ #50-FURCAS :: #10-ELAD [Night Demon :: LEO 15º–19º] (info :: v1.0 :: v2.0) • WING OF THE WINDS: {(–)} Angel of Severity: ILQ + IH (Yelekiah)—IVHHƒ • FUTHNORKING GNOSIS: PITCH {Ana-2 (Second Door)} MESH-01 DUODDOD ~ O-Rune {ÔÞALAN :: 63º43'58" +14° Yildun Libration} Heritage, Homestead, Estate, Inheritance associated with Ancestral Property & wealth and prosperity, Troll cross (Trollkors) wards against Trolls, Odal rune used for neo-nazi symbol & OdalismBARKER SPIRAL :: Pabbakis {7+3::0+9} : LE 19° : #FF6300 : 625nm • TARO: ATU VI LOVERS [W6] • 91 PARTS: 27th Aethyr, ZAA (Aethyr of Solitude), PART-[1/79] SAZIAMI (He who has true power); Location: Occidi (fair made people but tawney) - Unknown; Tribe-[2] • DE QUINQUAGINTA PORTIS INTELLIGENTIAE :: PRIMA CLASSIS : Elementorum primordiae ~ PORTA [7 ~ DUBHE : 15LE16] Aeris ex aquarum abysso exhalantis elementum • GENETIC CODE: AUC • SICLE RITE OF MA'AT :: [2][4][6][8]

[0781|{6::3}] ~ #12-VICTORIA {10VI53} • DECLINATION: 0º59'10.5709"N • DISTANCE: 283º34'39" from Zero Point @ EON-29 (Phase Arc 280° ~ Waning Bi-Novile) Deployment, Paragon of Qualities, Emergent Paradigm, Refining • 827 CHART: (9) 19LE43.


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