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Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was born as Rosa Louise McCauley in Tuskegee, Alabama, daughter of James and Leona McCauley. She grew up on a farm with her Methodist grandparents, mother, and brother. She worked as a seamstress making white sheets.

In 1932, she married Raymond Parks, who was active in civil rights causes. In the 1940s, they were members of the Voters' League.

In the December 1943, Parks became active in the American Civil Rights Movement and worked as a secretary for the Montgomery, Alabama branch of the NAACP. Of her position she said, "I was the only woman there, and they needed a secretary, and I was too timid to say no." She continued as secretary until 1957 when she left Montgomery. Just six months before her arrest, she had attended the Highlander Folk School, an education center for workers' rights and racial equality. {more @ Wikipedia}

{Civil rights icon Rosa Parks dies at 92 @ CNN}
{Rosa Parks, 92, Founding Symbol of Civil Rights Movement, Dies @ NYT}
{The Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development}

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