northanger (northanger) wrote,

827 Transit Report Update

Cycle #5 Transits

added ephemerides for Galactic Center, Vernal Point, True Node & Dark Moon — things may have shifted. Added links & distance from Zero Point. changed 2002 AW197 to TEKTON.

luckily, Riyal v2.0 (readme) provides ephemerides for 2005 FY9, 2003 EL61 & 2003 UB313. planning to add Damocloid 1999 RG33 ("Eris") & remaining Pluto Steeds 2000 QB243, 2001 XA255, 2002 CR46 & 2002 PN34.

still have to update comets: {a} TEMPEL 1 location for 04-July impact @ 05:52 UTC (01:52 EDT); {b} KUDO-FUJIKAWA closest approach to Earth 20-Feb-2003; & {c} COMET NEAT closest approach to Sun 18-Feb-2003.

2002 CA249 is no longer included in Riyal; since it's the start of the Barker Spiral i've decided to make it a fixed point at Virgo 19°.

ephemerides added for all other asteroids & planets up to 29-Oct-05; need to generate 30-Oct-05 to 01-Apr-06 ephemerides for future cycles because daylight savings time change. more gruntwork, should be done by next week.

btw, meeting went well with dad. apparently, refusing help means i probably need help.

Tags: pluto steeds, pn34

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