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love with the proper stranger

the dobb had John Ralston Saul (The prophet of anti-globalism) on tonight — so interesting i bring it to you here.

btw, check out IT's excellent Jessica Rylan Interview.

earlier fixed sister's printer hookup so niece could print homework. she's doing a debate on abortion (she's pro). i decided to play devil's advocate & drove her batty saying: we live in a christian nation which doesn't believe in the right to kill an unborn baby, yadda.

i could see her think things through & what she came up with surprised me — never heard this one before.

niece reading Abortion Is a Moral Choice by Henry Morgentaler ("founding president of the Humanist Association of Canada and the author of Abortion and Contraception. He has opened abortion clinics across Canada, often in the face of strong opposition"). she went straight to this quote...

If abortion is always viewed as "intentional murder," why isn't miscarriage viewed in similar terms? After all, almost half of all embryos are spontaneously shed in what is called "miscarriage" or "spontaneous abortion." If spontaneous abortions are an "act of God," to use the common religious expression, is it not strange that God has so little concern for fetal life that He allows so much of it to go to waste without intervening? Is it not possible to then conclude that God does not mind or object to spontaneous abortions? Why is it that the Catholic church has no ritual to mark the abortion of so much fetal life when it occurs spontaneously, yet becomes so vociferous and condemnatory when it is a conscious decision by a woman or couple?

we searched for statistics:

Miscarriages occur more often than most people think. About 25% of women will experience one in their lives. Up to 78% of all conceptions may fail [1], in most cases before the woman even knows she is pregnant. A fifth of confirmed pregnancies have some bleeding occuring in the first 20 weeks and in all 15% proceed to miscarriage [2]. After the age of 35, the risk of miscarriage increases considerably: 1 in 5 or 6. After 40, the risk increases to 1 in 3, and after 45 it is 1 in 2. {miscarriage}

taught her how to say vociferous & condemnatory & also discussed the constitution, privacy, etc. she asked me later how abortion cuts down crime. seemed obvious, no quick answers — did tell her about Love with the Proper Stranger (scene with McQueen at Woods' new apartment - what a smacker! those two looked good) & how women used hangers .... in which precious niece became kinda squeamy.

life sucks. what else is new?


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