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ok. DNA stuff i've seen way before: SIPP, Tony Smith, some other crazy fool haven't found yet. after searching for links thinking i should borrow from TS when i see: "The spinors of Cl(0,8) are seen in the 9x9 = 81 tetragrams of the Tai Hsuan Ching and their related Magic Cube with 9x9x9 = 729 entries" (source).

i remembered 729, something ccru-related, here it is...

Zygotriadic Calendar :: Calendar of the Nma, whose basic units are two-year periods (729 days + intercalations) divided successively into triads, so that each day within the biannual cycle is designated by a stack of six triplicative marks.

{Hexagrams are mathematical representation of DNA} {Building Trigrams} {I Ching Genetic Code} {The Cube} {Reasons Why... DNA mathematics} {SIPP} {Star of David, Merkaba & DNA} {Law of Time Tablets}

will save as much TS stuff (starting here) to floppy, go home, make coffee, read, sleep. recursion.

11:25pm update: yes, dna image also indicates 729. 360 + 360 = 720 plus seed numbers at the disregarded top. 6::3 Djynxx (which fits).

gotta phase jump outta here...quick notes

Mesh-18. Djynxx (Ching, The Jinn). Child Stealer. Pitch Null Net-Span 6::3 Syzygetic Xenodemon of Time-Lapse. Feeds and Prowls Warp-Current. Ciphers Gt-36. Haunts Gt-06, Gt-21. Rt-0:[X] Abstract cyclones, dust spirals (nomad war-machine). [+2 sub-Rt] (ccru).

The two entities that are "outside time" - Djynxx (3/6) - "a changeling figure, defined by a jinking (eratic or zig-zagging) movement, a sudden cutting in or out" – and Uttunul (9/0), the "flatline" entity, connoting "continuum, zero-intensity, void – eternity not as infinitely extended time, but as No-Time" – are in many ways the most fascinating and disturbing of the set, associated as they are, for Trent, with old mythologies of "child abduction" and Hell' (k-punk).

artificial lifeform. only sound and light. a vicious splicer, hits with a lazer and something splits and mutates immediately-no time to remember what it was before. UV with metal, metal/blades/light coming out of its eyes streaks around appearing as speed afterimage. refracting, replicating. ticking machines. precarious states .suckradius: images show its targets. exhales insanity. modular chunks of cyberspace-psychosis. a strobing black-mass of chronodisintegration. number symbol swarms- the swarm built from tiny tiny bits in a very dense mesh- inside coding, meshed up so you cant get through. violent imagery- the war machine. matt black and matt silver. blinding strobe rhythm. unstable dramatic shocks. no linearity. abduction. this is where time falls apart. twin-tracking through traumatic dissociation (whilst constantly doubling-back).it generates parannoia and uncertainty. machine-memory deep inside. atomic particles of lost touch. skin crawling with metal bloodlust (orphandrift).


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