northanger (northanger) wrote,

astroschyzy, groceries & sheepdog butt

revised astroschyzy cycles 3, 4, 5 & 6 (fixed sun-moon stuff & other minor problems). uploaded bonorum 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 — these aren't fully formatted yet. done weekend & should be relatively simple to generate astroschyzy 7, 8, 9 & 10.

on tue? wed? big sis left care package at doorstep with toiletries, music cd bliss {quiet letters}, empty journals & Hope Happens by Catherine DeVrye. she was in barnes&noble & the cd was playing.

big sis' message is about choice. everyone's choices influences everyone else's choices. more choices start another cycle. basically, my entire family is involved in my current predicament. big sis said, ok you made a choice but i get to choose how i'm going to respond to your choice. she contacted family & extended choice options. next time, don't call fema — call my big sis instead.

we had a big flare up thursday leaving me bawling my eyes out. however, big sis' middle name is unconditional love. 6pm friday she was hauling in groceries with coffee, sugar & (yes) a pack of smokes. she gave a sound argument for taking paxil — it should ease the pain of financial calisthenics. current situation is hitting everyone's buttons. my parents are emotionally abusive. two big issues: truth & rejection.

i love working on astroschyzy, but my computer problems provide a forced hiatus helping me step away & sort things out. one idea i had with the 827 list was adding genetic code & i still have a bunch of asteroids to add. considering whether i should make one more 827 update after completing astroschzy 4-10. part of me wants to go back to "normal", but part of me doesn't know .... geez, i have no idea what that thing is turning into. you can do a lot with fuzzy logic, but too much fuzziness can be paralyzing ? anyway, not a good idea mixing too much fuzziness with mercurial geminis.

besides, my favorite sheepdog's butt is looking bad again. sheepdog's get this acne kinda of thing that eats away their fur. healthy sheepdog butt has been my mission this past year. that thing was looking mighty good. but wow, it's looking red & spare again. can't even buy treats that silly sheepdogs with big sad pink bubblegum-rimmed eyes kinda waggishly expect.



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