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Reading Skynet at hyperstition and checked out a link posted there. Did the math--


Not entirely sure whether gematria and kabbalah go hand-in-hand. If you do one are you automatically doing the other? Gematria acknowledges the resonance of things by number. However, just because this word equals that word doesn't mean anything. The question is when does this word and that word provide an access to something. Found this reading stuff from my 2001 journal--

Freud quotes Schiller, who is writing a letter to a friend. The friend complains of his lack of creative power. Schiller replies with an allegory. He says it is not good if the intellect examines too closely the ideas pouring in at the gates. "In isolation, an idea may be quite insignificant, and venturesome in the extreme, but it may acquire importance from an idea which follows it. . . . In the case of a creative mind, it seems to me, the intellect has withdrawn its watchers from the gates, and the ideas rush in pell-mell, and only then does it review and inspect the multitude. You are ashamed or afraid of the momentary and passing madness which is found in all real creators, the longer or shorter duration of which distinguishes the thinking artist from the dreamer. . . you reject too soon and discriminate too severely."

Gematria, for me, provides a path to something. Yup ... it's slippery, messy, over-abundant, silly ... but it's a way for me to discover, understand, or apprehend something that otherwise is not readily available. In the case of MOMBBO, nothing seemed to "pop".

Mesh-35. Mombbo. Tentacle Face (Fishy-princess). Pitch Cth-3 Net-Span 8::7 Cyclic Chronodemon of Hybridity. Prowls Surge-Current 8th Phase-limit. Decadology. C/tp-#1, Mj- [1S]. Rt-1:[718] Ophidian transmutation (palaeopythons). Rt-2:[725418] Mn. Surreptitious colonization [+1 sub-Rt]. Rt-3:[817] Mj. Surface-amnesia (old fishwives tales).

Mombbo resides in Zone Eight of the Lemurian Pandemonium. Dutifully read about zone eight, still nothing popping--

The figure eight (8) is a partially rotated glyph of infinity, and also of the Moebian strip. It has strong ophidian resonances, linked in Indian culture to the realm of snake-demons (Nagas), and to the serpent of the deep (Ahi). In the West it is related to Ourobouros (the serpent of eternity, eating its own tail).

Eight is the third power of two (with factors 1, 2, and 4), and constitutes a crucial grouping in digital electronics (with eight bits equalling one byte (with a power of combinatorial variation equal to two-hundred and fifty-six). It is the same set of numerical features that support the octave of western music.

...the Eighth Gate seems to address what Stillwell has called the 'ultimate numogrammatic enigma' - that of the intercommunication between the Warp and Plex regions. This linkage is crucially emphasized in the culture of Tzikvik shamanism, and - under the name 'Gate of Charon'- is taken-up into Late-Atlantean apocalypticism (since its digital sum (36) itself cumulates to 666, and thus echoes the number of Seals to the Great Abyss (long associated with the thirty-six cards of the Decadence pack)).

Lemurian subcultures associate Zone-8 with limbic drift, dreams, trance-states and foetal sentience.

Pop, ping. Of course I'm getting something, I'm just questioning relevance (and actually, I've banished synchronicty for a few days so I wasn't going to be bothered ... sniff).

Some point this morning, surfing to vortex egg, i see in bold text: the core of such a star decouples from the outer shell of the star like a yolk spinning inside an egg. I didn't realize Aion's tarot for #10 fortune was an "egg" until AFTER I posted Pacifica. Vortex Egg triggered something: didn't I do something with an egg? Where's the egg? Totally forgot about Revilla's comment about scattered disk object #33128 Alastor: imagined [Alastor] as a sort of cosmic egg from which a serpent comes out when it is broken, because of its Plutonian associations and the sound qualities = B-U-O (eight=OCHO in Spanish, while "8" is a double "o" and a serpent anyway.

About a week ago, took the entire pandemonium cru and mashed their numbers. Didn't mean much at the time. After working with a gaggle of goëtic gadflies for several years, however, I recognize a calling card when I see one. Formal introduction ... now it's personal. It means something.

CATHEXIS : Concentration of emotional energy on an object or idea. ETYMOLOGY Greek kathexis, holding, retention, from katekhein, to hold fast : kat-, kata-, intensive pref. ; see cata- + ekhein, to hold; see segh- in Indo-European roots.

I Love Egg ...via drt

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