northanger (northanger) wrote,

dare i say it? (icky poo) pomo

crunching through moon phases (have times for all moon phases; need to get sun-moon locations here). alas, no more coffee. washing load of clothes. after that's done i'll snitch food from big sis & i'll crunch out astroschyzy at home rest of the day.

btw, should note some coincidences while connected. older baby brother (i have two) got airplane reservation with idea dad would buy. dad somehow flummoxed payment. OBB didn't realize this until hitting airport. fiesty soul that he is, he got another reservation with different airline. called YBB who purchased ticket. so here's the thing: he sat next to a producer/director named harriet & they had a "stream of consciousness" conversation. she's in her sixties, jewish & her parents were into civil rights (thus the name). i went to film school & did an internship at a state film board one year. one of OBB's kid's named sojourner. harriet's birthday (12-June) four days from mine (08-June). she explained to dearest how geminis think, etc. she does films on cultural competence, diversity, depression, etc. OBB showed me her card, i wrote down her contact info. OBB lost card, so i'm sending him contact info.

should i call her? hmm.

when OBB arrived sunday he mentioned post modern (long sigh), emergent church & whatnot. told me to look it up. unfortunately, found links on my pc i can't relocate on big sis' pc. we discussed/argued about the church. OBB is, imho, an intelligible christian i deeply respect, but we strongly disagree on ethical / morality issues. while he's been here i've challenged him about my agnosticism. challenging because of a letter of prophecy i wrote him many years ago (god has spoken directly to me & given me a message to give to you, blah blah). (btw, we are both fellow depressives). if i didn't believe in god then {a} the prophecy wasn't true & {b} i wrote it for selfish reasons (he was struggling with something at the time & (since i'm his big sis) i was worred about him). at the time, letter seemed to address his issue & he told me years later that he based his ministry on it. i've forgotten all about this letter & what it actually contained. his response this weekend also challenged me (he cried several times). so my good samaritanism years ago is coming back to haunt me.

one section of the letter he ignored for several years but he feels it somehow relevant now — related to the "emergent church" which OBB thinks is digital. which rang a bell. we reached no conclusions, but he plans to return in October.

letter based on book of ruth & resting on god. relates to shavout & jubilee.

also started a post on baalpeor that may also be relevant (doctrine of balaam) — should get around to it later if i'm not completely wiped by astroschyzy. don't plan to get online too much after friday. haha.


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