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a cingular kinda family

my brother arrived at my doorstep sunday @ 1AM. we chatted about the book of ruth & a letter of prophecy i wrote him eight years ago for an hour until he zonked out. i stayed up. at 8am we rustled up breakfast. luckily, my brother-in-law was in the process of scrambling a mess of eggs when we dropped by. my brother left for church & i went back to my apartment to sleep. instead i worked on the next astroschyzy since it was long overdue. finished the first part & crawled into bed around 5pm-ish watching an interview with Jimbo Wales on c-span & later a speech by John Edwards.

woke up, again, to the door buzzing. daddy! i knew he was in town for a board meeting, but i didn't think he'd make an effort to come & actually see me. we ate dinner at a mexican restaurant & discussed the important stuff: politics. my brother & i drove dad back to his hotel in san francisco & on the way back i finally got a good cup of coffee. unfortunately, i threw up both dinner & coffee once i got home. next time i'll try & remember not to mix abundance with austerity.

finished the bonorum part of astroschyzy & went back to bed. i was having a hard time updating astroschyzy since realizing life is empty & meaningless. however, finally came to the conclusion that, if i had enough time between cleaning & moving, i'd work on posting Cycles 4-10 (or, up to the Winter Solstice) as an extreme magickal act. nothing more stupid than doing something really stupid to get me going. most of the work involves creating lookup tables for the Kalachakra Calendar, Moon Phases, Biorhythms, Void of Course, etc.

around 5ish? sister & brother drop by to tell me {a} rent's paid up to october, {b} here's a cell phone we got free from cingular after telling them you were running away from home & {c} your car is now registered.

(did i mention i love my family ridiculously?) this doesn't change anything, i said. (but it's damn awful close).

we argue. my sister leaves. my brother & i finally agree that snatching someone from the jaws of self-destruction is not selfless. it is a selfish act. (makes me wonder about good samaritans). everybody's giving me all this stuff i'm NOT asking for & completely ignoring my requests for smokes! life is not fair. brother suggested i take paxil for two week because a SFO psychologist he contacted today recommended it based on my "symptoms". i'm dubious.

i have to give notice to my apartment manager by 30-Sep. otherwise, i'm obligated to pay rent for not giving them 30 days notice (after successfully talking them out of this last week). until then, i'll be scrounging for smokes & snacks while working on astroschyzy 4 to 10.

[04/04] 03-Oct-2005 - 14-Oct-2005
[05/05] 15-Oct-2005 - 26-Oct-2005
[06/06] 27-Oct-2005 - 07-Nov-2005
[07/07] 08-Nov-2005 - 19-Nov-2005
[08/08] 20-Nov-2005 - 01-Dec-2005
[09/09] 02-Dec-2005 - 13-Dec-2005
[10/10] 14-Dec-2005 - 26-Dec-2005 (Winter Solstice 21-Dec @ 18:35UT)

ps. there's a tremendous amount of energy that did not make landfall with hurricane rita. rita skeeter makes me think this subtle energy could be used by the fourth estate. so much power should be entrusted to the trustworthy. right? that's CNN, The Most Trusted Name In News.


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