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Baalpeor is the Lord of the Gap, Lord of the Breaks — the hymen-breaker. the only money i have in the world is my grandfather's silver half dollar & some change. took me awhile to realize it made one buck.

it's painful watching New Orleans being covered in water again. but i'm gonna wrestle with the Great Angel of Fecklessness & lay down my buck coz ... well, y'know. god is surely one awesome card player.


{1} Family Recovery Corps. cities usually provide services for their citizens; go to any city hall & ask for the city guide. btw, you can get a degree in parks & recreation (what big sis has). city services include after-school programs, food service for seniors, community events, inexpensive or free courses to learn swimming or computers, etc. big sis works for a city where 35 non-profit agencies provide most of the city services. she wanted to identify areas where services were not provided. eg, she discovered that the major concern of young folk was their personal safety walking to/from school. there is no city service investigating or addressing this area. is a $1B corp of 500 carefully selected & dedicated people focused on rebuilding families fiscally responsible? probably not. you would think that a major online service would devote major resources to a production tool for 2000 online producers since they actually create the experience of the online service. nope, all they told us was make it "good enough".

{2} i want to know who picks up all that paper Chad throws on the floor. btw, the statuesque black woman is Vivian Brown at the weather channel. discovered big weather graphic called a "weather wall". went on the CNN tour when i went to NYC in february. lou dobbs was working (he sorta reminds me of lou grant).

{3} my sister told me how my cousin died yesterday & i had a physical spazz attack. the details were not easy listening.

{4} drank another bad cup of coffee. need to shower, go over to my sister's house & clean something so i don't feel guilty being a food pirate. need another pack of smokes.


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