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Sicle Overview

earlier watching tv, heard Chad (CNN meteorologist) say he didn't really want to look at TS Rita — ack! me either. i've got some Rita etymology but i also thought it important to better define what i'm doing with these things. utilizing several magickal components i'm creating magickal links to hurricanes to transform cyclone energy of low pressure weather systems & aligning that energy with the zodiac wheel. cyclone comes from the Greek kuklon (present participle of kukloun, "to rotate") from kuklos meaning "circle".

plants use photosynthesis to convert sunlight into food; green energy utilizes renewable & non-polluting sources of energy (wind, solar, tidal, wave) to create environmental friendly sources of energy.

cyclones contain tremendous destructive forces; however, they are also "an important part of the atmospheric circulation system, which moves heat from the equatorial region toward the higher latitudes". benefits of these systems: precipitation to otherwise dry regions; and, maintaining global heat balance.

i'm focusing specifically on the 2005 North Atlantic hurricane season (01-Jun to 30-Nov).

827 Sicle Components

  1. Sicle Rite

  2. Zodiac Notation

  3. Nomo Chant

  4. Rite of Ma'at

  5. Hurricane Names

note: i'm a fuzzy thinker. i didn't know how well these components complimented one another (especially dealing with the type of energy being harnessed) until i actually put them together.

first i located asteroid names similar to the current hurricane names. when Katrina was active there were ten remaining names for the 2005 North Atlantic hurricane season. there are nine sicle names; however, the Nomo Chant (and Numogram) uses numbers 0 to 9. since Katrina was the "prototype" i assigned her to Zero. since Lee was active at the time i was assigning these names i decided to eliminate that name.

currently, the 827 List is a flat structure & i needed a way to illustrate a straight line from one asteroid (sicle) to another. first, set Zero Point = Aquarius 15°. since there were nine sicles each sicle covered 40°: 360 / 9 = 40. i created an Excel spreadsheet & listed 0° to 359° (starting with Aquarius 15° at 0°, ending at Aquarius 14° at 359°.

during the actual "rite", starting with AMDRANISA (first sicle), a line is drawn from the first sicle (0°), to second sicle (160°), to third sicle (320°), etc, drawing a nine-petalled flower inside the zodiac ring (see image in Celestial Lotus).

16-bit numbers. these numbers generated in Excel by placing a number (1 to 9) on each row (0 to 359) to indicate the "path" from one sicle to another sicle. first column = 1, second column = 2, etc. after indicating all paths for each degree i concatenated all the numbers. i noticed that each degree only had 4 numbers (representing four sicle paths). a pattern was also created every 40 degrees when a new 4-number sequence appeared & repeated 39 times — representing the actual degrees assigned to each sicle.

the way to read this list: count from [1]-AMDRANISA to [2]-LOTAVARIA, etc. all of the 4-number sequences between [1] & [2] are concatenated to indicate the full path; ie, AMDRANISA assigned to [1][3][5][7], passes [1][3][5][8], [1][3][6][8] & [1][4][6][8]. AMDRANISA 16-bit sequence is [1][3][5][7][1][3][5][8][1][3][6][8][1][4][6][8]. hope that makes sense.

triplicities: sicle names are grouped by three (three triads: thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis), numogram grouped by three (The Plex, Time-Circuit, The Warp), & the Ma'at Rite contains three phrases:

Corrilon tuma baris, comesa to tanun orgeka.

"I am the Creator of the double movement, the activation of unity and the Selfhood becoming, who equilibrates the light of re-membrance, by continually choosing the direction of the energized gathering, I create the willed knowledge to re-gather, because I balance and re-balance internally the divine spark, I move, but have no will to re-create".

Nuldemor ooteja surmanu otella nor nomi.

"As the inner light of single potential will that knows I am movement itself, for I am the being that balances the intentional new energy by gathering the light that moves the memory of the inner light; I balance the will of the double reunion, internally I move for my Self is knowledge energized".

Tratela ooipe comelun troblon oormega tabulasa oocala ertepo makelana pitesu normega.

"Therefore balance the continually moving balance of the will of the renewed one, for I am the being that activates the destined location, the manifested being that knows the will of the first divine spark; I balance the movement of the first duality while I am within, I am the being that moves and re-balances the duality of the new light of the re-gathering; I am the being that re-creates the re-union, for the intentional movement balances the willed placement of existence; Re-member to intentionally create the re-union of your Self again, by directing energy to balance the gathering of the light, internally becoming the willed knowledge of the timelesness".

that's the basic setup. Ma'at Colors on 827 List use 16-bit color palette (PALETTE ORDER: Thesis; LUMINANCE ORDER: Anti-Thesis; HUE ORDER: Synthesis). next post i'll list specific RITA info. until then, let me introduce you to Rita Skeeter.

{Desert Asteroids & Clicking Nomads} {Zodiac Notation} {Sicle Names, Ma'at Rite & Clicking Nomo}{Sicle, Asteroid & Other Names}


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