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thinking about the third item on FEMA's list of catastrophes i decided to see how many places were called San Francisco & how many of these San Franciscos were on fault lines.

  1. San Francisco, Argentina :: Although earthquakes occur throughout Chile, the major fault lines seem to lie in the central portion of the country. Still the majority of Chile is located near to a fault line and has experienced an earthquake, which makes sense since the country sits on the Ring of Fire. In neighboring countries earthquakes and fault lines are almost as prevalent. The majority of the fault lines in Argentina lie on or near their border with Chile, while the fault lines and earthquakes in Peru are more widespread. Basically this is a very active area. {Natural Landscapes of Chile PPT}

  2. San Francisco, Australia

  3. San Francisco de Cuapa, Nicaragua

  4. San Francisco, Agusan del Sur, Philippines

  5. San Francisco, Cebu, Philippines

  6. San Francisco, Quezon, Philippines

  7. San Francisco, Southern Leyte, Philippines

  8. San Francisco, Surigao del Norte, Philippines

  9. San Francisco, Puerto Rico

  10. San Francisco, California

  11. San Francisco Volcanic Field, Arizona

  12. San Francisco Mountain, Arizona

  13. San Francisco, New Mexico

  14. San Francisco, Texas


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