northanger (northanger) wrote,

eye of the hurricane

they're saying Ophelia's eye will probably not make landfall by skirting northward up the coast. they say John Roberts' is extremely intelligent with a commanding knowledge of the law. at the hearings he says it would be inappropriate for him to comment on how he would rule on particular cases & that he'd judge cases with an open mind. but it sounds like he's avoiding the obvious: {a} the constitutional apparatus seems temporarily disabled; {b} Roe vs. Wade could possibly be overruled. i'm sure many feel that Roberts' lawyerly intelligence will be used as the perfect religious tool to dismantle the constitution finally & completely.

Roberts' intelligence doesn't impress me because he has found no way to address difficult questions except parrot inflexibility during these hearings. his SCOTUS decisions are likely to create greater division in american society. i believe a true leader, a brilliant leader, finds those answers even while maintaining personal integrity. because those are the answers the rest of us can't come up with. isn't that the defining quality of a great justice? however, Roberts' intelligence during these hearings serves only himself. what else can we expect from this administration except another non-leader — however brilliant?


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