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Asteroid #235 CAROLINA & #16951 CAROLUS QUARTUS (AWAS part ii)

asteroid #235 CAROLINA named after Caroline Island (aka Millennium Island); asteroid #16951 CAROLUS QUARTUS the latin name of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor. Carolina is the name of two American states North & South Carolina named for Charles I, king of england; it is the latinate feminine form of CAROLUS (Latin form of CHARLES); Charles comes from the Germanic name Karl, which was derived from a Germanic word which meant "man". However, an alternative theory states that the name is derived from the common Germanic element heri meaning "army, warrior".

Caroline Island is an uninhabited coral atoll in the central Pacific Ocean, part of the territory of Kiribati, located at 10°00' S 150°25' W. It is best known as the first point of land on earth to have entered the year 2000, based upon official local time, due to a 1995 realignment of time zones and its location as the easternmost of the Line Islands.

see: asteroids #798 RUTH & #808 MERXIA.

#798 RUTH {29VI37}, #808 MERXIA {02AQ09Rx}, #235 CAROLINA {04TA43}, #16951 CAROLUS QUARTUS {26PI10Rx}

AWAS nodes start at CAROLUS QUARTUS (Nodes 0 to 354.50); AWAS repeaters start at MERXIA. following repeater list from here; asteroids must be within 1º40'58" to be part of this array:

01-[000] 0º0'0"
02-[009] 16º23'60"
03-[020] 32º42'0"
04-[021] 36º0'0"
05-[029] 49º6'0"
06-[041] 65º30'0"
07-[044] 72º0'0"
08-[050] 81º47'60"
09-[055] 90º0'0"
10-[059] 98º12'0"
11-[066] 108º0'0"
12-[069] 114º30'0"
13-[072] 120º0'0"
14-[079] 130º54'0"
15-[087] 144º0'0"
16-[089] 147º18'0"
17-[099] 163º35'60"
18-[109] 180º0'0"
19-[119] 196º24'0"
20-[129] 212º41'60"
21-[131] 216º0'0"
22-[139] 229º5'60"
23-[146] 240º0'0"
24-[149] 245º30'0"
25-[152] 252º0'0"
26-[159] 261º48'0"
27-[163] 270º0'0"
28-[168] 278º11'60"
29-[174] 288º0'0"
30-[177] 294º30'0"
31-[189] 310º53'60"
32-[197] 324º0'0"
33-[198] 327º18'0"
34-[209] 343º36'0"

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