northanger (northanger) wrote,

katrina thoughts

[1] admirable thad allen picked to lead the charge. however, leylines off: {a} chertoff's decision, but gwb doesn't have his fingers on it (maybe gwb should have gift-wrapped this one?); {b} (sorry, but chertoff reminds me of an emaciated ss officer) during switchover press conference chertoff flanked by brown-allen bookends; why get snippy with the press? why dangle poor mike in front of them like a carrot? imho, if michael brown (tip of the hat) said that margarita quote up-front things would have landed better. so there's still a massive energy flow running through america, plus NOLA citizens hitting all continental states — you've got a real power flux going. moving targets are harder to hit, however, you can't keep the middle of the country a "battlefield" can you?

{VADM Thad Allen 911 Oral History}{Thad W. Allen @wikipedia}{Michael Chertoff}{Michael Brown}

[2] hyperstitionally, i'm beginning to view NOLA as a war game; with a magickal link running clear & straight to Baghdad.

[3] The Tsunami that was Katrina; eco-type terrorism; Directed Energy Weapons; Weather Weapons; Ground Wave Emergency Network; Assessment of the Possible Health Effects of Ground Wave Emergency Network.

[4] fuxake, quit your depressive yapping!

[5] okay, GWEN has 200 relay nodes (did find a list of 58 nodes); set zero point at Aquarius 15° scaling by 1.8 degrees. sleep, wake up, get coffe, punch it out.

more as i think on it


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