northanger (northanger) wrote,

Asteroids #798 RUTH & #808 MERXIA

we're in the heart of hurricane season & the fourth anniversary of 911 is sunday.

approximately Aug-2004 began performing several enochian keys. got kicked out of my sister's house 06-Aug (long story), just as i worked out ORDRINAA using GA Names (V838 Monocerotis). AQ 152 = ORDRINAA = THERION; AQ 110 = BELDOR = BABALON.

stayed in Motel 6 & Extended Stay America. up to this time mostly avoided 911 media coverage & all anniversary observances; however, hurricanes Frances (25-Aug to 10-Sep) & Ivan (04-Sep to 24-Sep) in the news with mass evacuations. took me a few days to notice that i was revising my Goëtia deck first created immediately after 911.

rooms at ESA have mini-kitchens with pots, cutlery, fridge, mini-stove & whatnot. fire alarm went off 05-Sep while i was re-working Marduk's seal. grabbed essentials & left. Just at the same time as my across the hall neighbor (Paul, from Washington) was coming out. We both headed for the stairs. He seemed pretty calm and used to the drill saying that once a trip (he travels about 5 times a year) this occurs and it's usually someone burning their dinner ... Ana was at the front desk and I heard someone say that she wasn't sure about what to do ... firemen looking for whoever was in room #405 (not present).

after we got the all-clear decided to check on Ana. remember her saying she was confused about proper procedure. she called room #405, nobody there, etc.

all elevators shut down by outer door & firemen haven't reopened it. start walking upstairs with two people. we smell something burning the closer we get to my floor. room 405 down the hall from my room past the elevators.

approximately one week later fire alarm goes off again. didn't note date, but think it was 11-Sep because i ask one of the firefighters if they were celebrating FDNY. no, but he wished they did (management nixed the idea). all clear & went back to my room. went outside again to smoke & fire truck exited where i was standing. fireman i talked to earlier at the wheel. he drove up level to where i was & stopped. we spoke briefly (think he showed me his pack of marlboros) & drove off. week later (17-Sep) moved into the apartment i'm staying in now. don't know how long i'm going to be here since i don't have a job & don't know how to pay this month's rent.

11-Sep-2003. looks like i'm dealing with an irrevocable break in my business partnership with my brother. he feels abandoned still working for the company we started; i feel stabbed in the back packing & moving in with my sister. reading: Withdrawal of Projection by John Woodcock.


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