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katrina was nothing but swift, accurate & powerful. if we were not on a war footing with a war president in his lameduck presidency i'd agree the bush administration shouldn't be saddled with the full brunt of this catastrophe. but that is beside the point.

racism is beside the point. slow response is beside the point. anything else along these lines is beside the point.

the united states is at war. we just had a cat-5,4 hurricane hit the gulf coast & knock everything down in its path like dominoes. the symbolism will be blindingly illuminating to our enemies.

we have photos of our president holding up a christian bible which says, in part, there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places; all these are the beginning of sorrows. the moment that anything like that hits our back door a war president must respond swiftly, accurately, powerfully. otherwise, it gives the impression "god is not on our side".

the war on terror is a religious war lurking in the background. ignoring its islamo-judeo-christo-fascistic nature occludes strengths & weaknesses of both ourselves & our enemies. religious wars involve acts of god — not acts of nature. katrina uncovered a nation, already divided by politics, deeply divisible concerning race & class. the next few months will uncover the deepest divide of all: religion. when a christian president cannot unite & make indivisible millions of american christians, muslims, pagans, athiests &etc., s/he loses the war of islamofascism. these terrorists are united under one god for one purpose — and this purpose has nothing to do with 72 virgins.

poor black people stewed for several days in New Orleans overwhelmed by a flood of biblical proportions. doesn't matter how they got there. just know they are the worst group imaginable to be the chosen people for this type of overwhelming disaster while we execute religious warfare. imagination now bows to the reality of ultimate victimhood: the suffering of god's wrath on one side & the hardened heart of pharaoh on the other side. what comes next? by failing to say "the buck stops here", the bush administration leaves accountability composing itself into a cat-5 memeflex of biblical proportions.

god is never a free agent in religious warfare.


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