northanger (northanger) wrote,

asteroid #912 maritima

Start Date: 27.12.2004
Planet Selection: s -xs912
Output Format: tPZs
Other Options: -ut01:23:00
Swiss Ephemeris [swetest utility]

discovery date: 27-April-1919
discovered by: Friedrich Karl Arnold Schwassmann

asteroid info: n/a

stardust project: stardust launched 07-Feb-99 atop delta II rocket from
cape canaveral at 4:04:15 p.m. EST (1:04:15 p.m. PST). craft weighs 770
pounds (350 kg), size of average desk. considered to be mankind's most
advanced technological quest for human species to reach for the stars.

destination: travel to comet wild 2 & capture cometary materials before
returning to earth 15-Jan-2006. en route to the comet, the spacecraft 
will collect interstellar dust particles using aerogel (more...). 

asteroid maritima's name [ASTEROID 912 MARITIMA] one of over 1 million
names on microchips aboard stardust. maritima means "maritime" in latin;
of/near/by the sea; costal; relating/used to the sea; seafaring, naval.

transit: maritima (10Pi58) is 249º (phase 25) from yildun (01Cn17) on 
27-Dec-04 @ 01:23UT. keynote: seeing the whole picture.

eventually, will add maritima to celestial thingy.

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