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Command & Control Warfare

command and control warfare (C 2 W)

The integrated use of operations security (OPSEC), military deception, psychological operations (PSYOP), electronic warfare (EW), and physical destruction, mutually supported by intelligence, to deny information to, influence, degrade, or destroy adversary command and control capabilities, while protecting friendly command and control capabilities against such actions. Note: Command and control warfare applies across the operational continuum and all levels of conflict. C2W is both offensive and defensive:

An older name for this is signals warfare derived from the name of the military signals trade. When the target is something other than adversary command, control, and communications (C3) the more general terms information warfare and psychological warfare are used—these terms apply above the military level to politics and other forms of adversary communication.

  • (a) counter-C2 : To prevent effective C2 of adversary forces by denying information to, influencing, degrading, or destroying the adversary C2 systems.

  • (b) C2-protection: To maintain effective command and control of own forces by turning to friendly advantage or negating adversary efforts to deny information to, influence, degrade, or destroy the friendly C2 system. [JP1]

{Command & Control Warfare @ wikipedia}


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