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Been thinking about a mathematical equation someone told me: [WOMAN = 111 = OTHER]. What if WOMAN is the alien among us? Don't misunderstand me—we all know women are different from men—what I'm talking about is something completely different. Those alien bogey-monsters are WOMAN=OTHER. Women are just as frightened of THE OTHER as men are (rethink: the other woman).

Funny, there's a lot of gay male erotica on the net written by ... women. Mostly fan fiction with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock as, perhaps, the first example. I love to read, read all my life. If i'm not reading, I'm not breathing. Gay male erotica, whether written by men or women, is some of the best stuff I've ever read. The stories, the characters ... the sex. How two men have sex is probably different from the way women write about gay male sex. There are rules you must follow: #1 involves the proper use of copious lubrication.

If we accept the interconnectedness of things then maybe we can link up this silly feminine activity with testosterone-driven homophobia and alien-anal penetration. There seems to be a current, a force, in the world where a lot of women on the net (different countries, cultures and ages) are enthusiastically writing about gay male sex. If we accept woman is the nigger of the world we can agree that WOMAN is second-class, lower-paid, at greater risk, symptomatic, unimportant—and certainly not to be considered in a serious equation. What are we missing by ignoring WOMAN when we crunch the numbers?

Struck me funny years ago that the people I admired most were ... a bunch of white guys (Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas). Wasn't until I watched, Terms of Endearment (one of my favorite movies) that I realized something. After the opening credits roll and the story starts I'm watching the movie. But, I don't "engage" until I see the first person of color and see what they're doing. Once I see that, I can let that go and enjoy the movie.

One last thing. When asked, if you made a person up, what would you want to pursue? a good friend of mine answered: [WOMAN = 111 = OTHER]. Cracking this puzzle made me able, finally, to look in the mirror. Life is a looking-glass, Alice, look in the mirror.


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