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thought this was interesting: AQ 147 = SEA SLUG = AXXIARG = BOB DYLAN = OLD ONES = PARANOIA

Dylan himself, in the liner notes to Biograph, said: "The bootleg records, those are outrageous.... You're sitting and strumming in a motel, you don't think anybody's there...and then it appears on a bootleg record. With a cover that's got a picture of you that was taken from underneath your bed and it's got a strip-tease title and it costs thirty dollars. Amazing. Then you wonder why most artists feel so paranoid."


Parsadal associated with AXXIARG (or Axziarg) one of the Enochian Parts of the Earth.


Of Simulation & Dissimulation (Francis Bacon) :: The great advantages of simulation and dissimulation are three. First, to lay asleep opposition, and to surprise. For where a man’s intentions are published, it is an alarum, to call up all that are against them. The second is, to reserve to a man’s self a fair retreat. For if a man engage himself by a manifest declaration, he must go through or take a fall. The third is, the better to discover the mind of another. For to him that opens himself, men will hardly show themselves adverse; but will fair let him go on, and turn their freedom of speech, to freedom of thought. And therefore it is a good shrewd proverb of the Spaniard, Tell a lie and find a troth. As if there were no way of discovery, but by simulation. There be also three disadvantages, to set it even. The first, that simulation and dissimulation commonly carry with them a show of fearfulness, which in any business, doth spoil the feathers, of round flying up to the mark. The second, that it puzzleth and perplexeth the conceits of many, that perhaps would otherwise co–operate with him; and makes a man walk almost alone, to his own ends. The third and greatest is, that it depriveth a man of one of the most principal instruments for action; which is trust and belief. The best composition and temperature, is to have openness in fame and opinion; secrecy in habit; dissimulation in seasonable use; and a power to feign, if there be no remedy.

AQ 117 = (7650) KANAME = SPICY

i drew this in 2003 (also seen here):

Anamnesis of BABALON :: "There is a part of me, accesible only to those who have forsaken all, the HAMIEN. (The knights of the Earth, the Lamed Vau, the illuminated ones). This is Her portal. Be careful, young warrior, for some beings are not so benevolent as I". She then gives me the following names, arranged in two circles, PORPLONG, GORGOTHA, and ANL drawn around on eight points of two interlocked circles. PORPLONG is drawn on the left circle starting from the upperleft side and going deosil; GORGOTHA is drawn starting from the upperright side of the right circle and goes widdershins. ANL is drawn in the middle of the circles, A in the middle of the left circle, N in the vescicula piscis where the two circles cross, and L in the middle of the right circle. BABALON says nothing, but She implies that to contact that part of earth which I have called Her Neschamah, one should trace the two circles, starting with PORPLONG, then with GORGOTHA. The vescicula piscis in the centre is the portal through which the HAMIEN can reach the innermost secret part of the earth. I saw the portal before me, but as I had neither vibrated the names and I wished not to enter it yet, I declined Her offer to pass through. I decided to stop there and then.

{Oct-2003} {Nov-2003} {Marid Audrans Pages} {Pentagram of Babalon} {Anamorphosis & Anamnesis} {Sea Slugs} {Chronoskrators} {Celestial Lotus}

did a search for PORTAL @

•  The House of Khabs :: But, as soon as they had closed and seated the Portal behind them, they heard a great crash, as though the Vault had collapsed upon itself, and although they tried they could not again open the Portal. Again they consulted the ROTA, as they had of old, and came to an understanding. They learned that the formulae of initiation had changed with the revolution of the Aeons. That the Way was not of Death but of Birth and the Founder had passed on to be Born again. They also learned that the Portal would not again open for Two Hundred and Ten years, until the Keys of the New Aeon had been discovered and used…”

•  Portae Lucis Method of Jean Dubuis :: The description of Portae Lucis involves three key components: astrological timing, passivity on the part of the aspirant, and the use of psychically loaded, or charged, talismans to assist in filling our energetic requirements for the experiment ... The technique described by Jean involves a fairly advanced level of astrology and its relationship to magic and alchemy. However, for the sake of simplicity and easier availability, the use of planetary genius’ can be substituted. However, information on both methods of timing will be explained, allowing members to chose the methods best for themselves. In addition to astrology and/or planetary genius’, the technique involves the use of A) classical Renaissance talismanic magic; B) a modified version of the Tree of Life C) a passive approach on the part of the experimenter, as opposed to a more active and involved system of mechanics. It is this extreme passivity that appears to be a problem for many who have been exposed to the Portae Lucis technique for the first time. Unlike Qabalistic or Enochian magic, where energies are imagined and directed, here, the products to be charged are simply exposed to the planetary power during an astrologically favorable time, or simply unwrapped during the correct planetary hour, and allowed to absorb the energies in an a gentle and natural fashion. It is no more complicated than dropping a sponge in a basin of water and allowing it to slowly absorb the water to its fullest capacity on its own. The same products are then exposed several times to insure maximum harmonious charging, and are stored in silk, plastic, or other non-conductive materials so that they maintain their psychic charge.

•  The Cipher Manuscript :: the right portal goes to 4=7

•  The Great Work of Insect Metamorphosis :: Pupa is a Latin word meaning "doll" or "puppet." The task of the Pupa is to refrain from activity (enter into a Magical Retirement) while Transformation takes place. The Pupal stage corresponds to the "portal" or "K.E.W.," the bridge between the Man of Earth and the Lover. The Transformation to Adult, or Imago, which takes place within the Pupal case occurs as follows. The Instar contains seed cells within its body, called Imaginal Buds. During the Pupation period, the imaginal buds secrete chemicals which lyse or destroy the surrounding cells. Meanwhile, the buds themselves grow and divide to replace the destroyed cells. Eventually, all the cells of the Instar are destroyed and replaced by cells of the Imago. This process, the Instar transforming itself into the Imago, is referred to as Imagination.

•  The Book of Gate Called Pan :: 9. IO PAN - Who abides in this Place that is No-Place, unlit. Who is Watcher from Without and Portal Keeper of Genetic Slumber. Lethe is he filled by and Soma is his sperm, Solar/Lunar are his cycles. The Eleventh sphere is his home and the mouth with which he births devouring ++ Here are some more titles of pan "Watcher from Without," the Beast or Awareness outside of our rational conscious minds (id beast) and "Portal Keeper"- he is the guardian of the instinctual genetic animal, powers latent in our deep minds. Lethe was the drink given to the souls of the dead so that they might forget past memories in able to reincarnate purely. Soma in Greek means 'body'- our bodies are the sperm/egg of Pan, "all is Flesh" as AOS once said. We are all manifestations of the DNA evolutionary program in the flesh, one big Wave.

•  Liber O vel Manus et Sagittae :: The Signs of the Portal ("see" Illustrations): Extend the hands in front of you, palms outwards, separate them as if in the act of rending asunder a veil or curtain (actives), and then bring them together as if closing it up again and let them fall to the side (passives). (The Grade of the "Portal" is particularly attributed to the element of Spirit; it refers to the Sun; the Paths of Samekh, Nun and Ayin, are attributed to this degree.<> See "777" lines 6 and 31 bis).

•  {Gamma}{delta} DE ARCANO NEFANDO :: O my Son, learn this concerning Magick, that the Yang moveth, and thus giveth itself up Eternally; but the Yin moveth not, seeking ever to enclose or restrict, reproducing in its own likeness what Impressions soever it made thereon, yet without Surrender. Now the Tao absorbeth all without Reproduction; so then let the Yang turn thereto, and not unto he Yin. And that thou mayst understand this, I say: It is a Mystery of O.T.O. For the Sun ariseth not and entereth to strike upon the High Altar of the Minster by the Great Western Gates, but by the Rose Oriel doth he make Way and Progress in His Pageant. O my Son, the Doors of Silver are wide open, and hey tempt thee with their Beauty: but by the narrow Portal of Pure Gold shalt thou come nobly to thy Sanctuary. Behold! Thou knowest not how perfect is this Magick; it is the dearest-bought and holiest of our Arcana. What then is like unto my Love toward Thee, that bestoweth upon thee this Treasure of my Wisdom? My Son, neglect it not; for it is the Exorcism of Exorcisms, and the Enchantment of Enchantments.

•  The Rite of the Milk of the Stars :: In the Supreme Pentagram Rite, the Spirit pentagram is drawn before the elemental pentagram is drawn, again with the relevant sigils and gestures. Also, words of power are vibrated during the several drawings. There is one point of contention about the gesture given during the Spirit pentagram. Regardie’s Stella Matutina versions indicate the use of the L.V.X signs while Crowley mentions the Portal signs of the Rending and Closing of the Veil. This latter is attributed in the Portal rite to the Spirit pentagrams. It is my preferred mode as the following description makes plain: With the forming of the Spirit pentagram the “Gate of the Element” is formulated. With the rending of the Veil the Gate is opened. The Elemental pentagram is then drawn beyond the Gate in the Realm of the Element as a beacon summoning the beings and forces of the element. The Grade Sign is given in salute to the approaching forces, indicating the practitioner’s being of the godly nature of the element. It has been my experience that this form works better for me than the LVX mode.

•  The Body of Light in the Western Esoteric Tradition :: Within the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the first 3-3 ½ years is spent learning very basic magical procedures, coupled with the memorization and intellectual comprehension of a vast amount of qabalistic, alchemical, and astrological knowledge. The techniques given by Regardie in The Golden Dawn, such as the Supreme Rituals of the Pentegram and Hexegram, and the Rose+Cross Ritual, are not generally taught until the 5=5 Grade, or Adeptus Minor. On occasion, they may be given in the preliminary section, known as the Portal Grade. All magical tools are also constructed after being received into the Second Order, or Adeptus Minor grade. Only after this period are planetary rituals, talismans, and related techniques as seen in Regardie’s work undertaken.

•  Liber LIBER CLVII: The Tao Teh King :: The Nature of the Tao. The Tao is one, and the Teh but a phase thereof. The abyss of this Mystery is the Portal of Serpent-Wonder.

•  The Temple of Solomon the King :: The third and fourth Books of this essay consist of purely symbolic pictures. For the Key of the Portal the neophyte must discover for himself; and until he finds the Key the Temple of Solomon the King must remain closed to him.

•  Confessions of Aleister Crowley (84) :: The first part of the initiation had occupied thirteen Chokmah days counting from November 3rd, 1914 to June 9th, 1917. I was able to recognize my guide. During the past days I had done much work in analysing and interpreting the mysterious events which had characterized my sojourn in America. From this time on my progress was far less unintelligible than had hitherto been the case. I was therefore not surprised when an officer appeared at about the expected date, and her physical appearance told me at once where I had got to in my journey; for the god whose place is on the Threshold of the Temple, whose function is to guard the portal of the sanctuary and introduce approved candidates to the assembled deities, is Anubis. This god is always represented with the head of a jackal. (This has sometimes been interpreted as a dog; whence the dog-headed Hermes in the mythology which the Greeks borrowed from Egypt.)

•  On the Nature of Anubis :: Note that both officers are charged with guarding the portal to the Neophyte temple. The role of Anubis as the guardian of the temple is reflected in the Golden Dawn’s interpretation of the 125th Chapter of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which is depicted on the black pillar of the Neophyte temple. A sub-lecture on the pillars within the First Knowledge Lecture explains the significance of this scene: The 125th Chapter is concerned with the entry of an initiate into the Hall of the Two Columns of Justice, and commenced with a most beautiful and symbolic description of Death, as a journey from the barren wilderness of Earth, to the Glorious Land which lies beyond. This chapter describes the introduction of the initiate into the Hall of Truth by ANUBIS, who, having questioned the aspirant, receives from him an account of his initiation, and is satisfied by his right to enter. He states that he has been taken into the ante-chamber of the temple and then stripped and blindfolded, he had to grope for the entrance to the Hall, and having found it, he was reclothed and anointed in the presence of the Initiated. He is then asked for the Pass-words and demands that his Soul should be weighed in the Great Balance of the Hall of Truth, whereupon ANUBIS again interrogates him concerning the symbolism of the door of the Hall, and his answers being found correct, ANUBIS says: "Pass on, thou knowest."

•  Syllabus 6=5 :: By the power of his Cross he is permitted to invoke the Deity Names of the four Elements, and be sealed by that great ancient form of the Cross, the Qabalistic Cross - to have the 4 Elements of his body consecrated and strengthened for service. He is ready in the Spirit of Sacrifice for service, but can he face the World Karma, the world Gethsemene? Slowly the great monsters of the world's subconscious arise - with such he must be willing to cope. ++++++ A.B.S. came in a grey-blue cloak and hood that he has worn once or twice before. Can he give us any teaching about the 6=5? He speaks of the whole system of the Order as it corresponds with the Life Cycle. Of the 0=0 as being the first awakening; and the four minor grades as corresponding to the four seasons of the year. But those grades are all as it were bringing things to the candidate. All given to t he candidate on this material plane. The Portal and 5=6 are so to speak the opening of a door or window and showing the Candidate something which he looks at. But the 6=5 is the actual raising of the candidate to a different plane himself. Persis got a picture of the candidate looking two ways. In the 6=5 he looks a different way for the first time.

•  Moonchild (XII) :: This is of course the danger in every magical experiment; and this constitutes the evergreen glory of every man who adventures upon it; for at each new portal he enters, naked and new-born, to confront he knows not what malignant enemies. The sole excuse for the existence of our miserable species lies not in intelligence, but in this masterful courage, this aspiration to extend the empire of the spirit. Even the blackest of magicians, like Douglas, or the stupidest, like Arthwait, is a higher type of being than the bourgeois who goes along with his nose on the ground picking up gold bricks in the mire.

•  Moonchild (XVII) :: "Why, this Black Lodge stunt, Count. It's a humdinger. I guess it's a hell of a favour, but I see a dollar at the end of it, and old Doc. Butcher buys a one-way ticket." Douglas grew portentous. "Are you aware of what you ask?" he thundered. "Do you understand that the ineffable and Sacrosanct Arcanum is not to be touched by profane hands? Must I inform you that Those who may not be named are even now at the Gate of the Abyss, whetting their fangs upon the Cubical Stone of the Unutterable? Oh ye magistral ministrants of the Shrine of the Unspeakable Abomination! Hear ye the Word of Blasphemy!" He spoke rapidly and thickly in a tongue unknown to Butcher, who became alarmed, and even took his legs off the table. "Say!" he cried. "Have a heart! Can the rough dope, Count! This is a straight proposition, honest to God!" "I am already aware of your sincerity," answered the other. "But infinite courage is required to confront those formidable Entities that lie in wait for the seeker even at the first Portal of the Descending Staircase!"


•  Liber Porta Lucis :: I behold a small dark orb, wheeling in an abyss of infinite space. It is minute among a myriad vast ones, dark amid a myriad bright ones. I who comprehend in myself all the vast and the minute, all the bright and the dark, have mitigated the brilliance of mine unutterable splendour, sending forth V.V.V.V.V. as a ray of my light, as a messenger unto that small dark orb. Then V.V.V.V.V. taketh up the word, and sayeth: Men and women of the Earth, to you am I come from the Ages beyond the Ages, from the Space beyond your vision; and I bring to you these words.

•  John St. John :: So, therefore, there is one place, O thou thief of my heart's love, Adonai, to which thou must come at last; and that place is the tomb in which lie buried all my thoughts and emotions, all that which is "I, and Me, and Mine." There will I lay myself and await thee, even as our Father Christian Rosenkreutz that laid himself in the Pastos in the Vault of the Mountain of the Caverns, Abiegnus, on whose portal did he cause to be written the words, "Post Lux Crucis Annos Patebo." So Thou wilt enter in (as did Frater N. N. and his companions) and open the Pastos; and with thy Winged Globe thou wilt touch the Rosy Cross upon my breast, and I shall wake into life --- the true life that is Union with Thee. So therefore --- perinde ac cadaver --- I await Thee.

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