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Strong typhoon Talim pounds Taiwan

Strong typhoon Talim pounds Taiwan TAIPEI (AFP) - Hundreds of villagers were evacuated from a mountainous area as Typhoon Talim pounded eastern Taiwan with powerful winds and torrential rains. "As of 4:00 pm (0800 GMT), around 370 residents have been pulled out from Chienshih and Wufeng towns," Peng Kuang-cheng, deputy magistrate of the northern county of Hsinchu, told AFP. "And more people are being evacuated to safe places," he said. The Central Weather Bureau warned that Talim was gathering momentum and threatened to bring torrents and floods across the island overnight. Talim's center was 180 kilometers (108 miles) east-southeast of the eastern county of Hualien at 6:00 pm, the bureau said. With a radius of 250 kilometers, the typhoon was moving west northwest at a speed of 21 kilometers an hour, packing winds at its center of up to 184 kilometers per hour.

{Joint Typhoon Warning Center}{Typhoon Talim Situation Page}

The Doctrines of Talim :: Hasan bin Sabbah compiled a theological treatise in this context, entitled "Fusul-i Arba'a" (the Four Chapters), which was an Ismaili thesis and in its fully developed form, the doctrine of talim was expounded by him in an Iranian essay. Several writers have mentioned, notably summarized by Shaharistani. In the doctrine of talim, Hasan bin Sabbah consistently emphasized the role of the Imam, with the Prophet having been a link in the logical chain from God to Imam. It became so central to the Ismailis thought that its followers in Khorasan came to be known as the Talimiyya.

The Great Stag, A Sumerian Divinity and its Affiliation :: The most frequent divine companion of Ea is his Janus-faced messenger, whose name has been read as Usmu or Isimud. He is the man sent by the god on various errands. Another form of Ea's servant is that of the fish-man. Often we see one or two gigantic doorkeepers by the throne of Ea ; these are called the twins [21]. Note #21: Talim meaning "twins or companions". Frankfort, op. cit. p. 60. These twins may well be the heavenly Gemini, or the first Cherub angeles. KUR in Sumerian means "guarding" /becoming Cher- ub/ (Diemel, S. A., p. 147: Bewachung).

Talim (Soul Calibur) :: Talim is a fictional character designed for the Soul Series of fighting games. Talim made her first appearance in Soul Calibur II and returns for Soul Calibur III. The people of Southeast Asia were thrust into an age of turmoil when the influences of Spanish and Portuguese culture began to spread across their lands. In one particular region, the Village of the Wind Deity in the Philippines, there lived a tribe of people who could control the winds. Talim was the granddaughter of this village's elder Kalana and daughter of its shaman; and she was reared to be its last priestess. As faith in the Wind Deity gradually waned, Talim possessed unparalleled potential to be a shaman herself. The day the Evil Seed spread across the world, Talim felt on the winds a violent and evil aura that devoured everything in its path surge into her body, causing her to lose consciousness for days. Years later, when Talim was fifteen years old, a man from the west brought with him a strange metal fragment, claiming it to be a vitality charm. Talim, however, recognized the evil energy as the same energy she had experienced years before and left on a journey, believing that if she were to return the fragment to its rightful place, peace would eventually be restored, despite the elders' misgivings.

Heaterz by Wu Tang Clan (Wu-tang Forever)

Hang glide for my nigga Tical
Yo, word to God we run this whole shit Son (no doubt)
Right that's my word, guaranteed you're dealin with the invicible (no doubt)
That's my word, Persian legacy one time, one time
Check the science of the black man
Stationary niggaz, have fun on this right here
Yo Shorty cross your arms
Gonna rock niggaz to sleep this year
Blade thrower, sword swinga, killa bee ringer
Rocky road roll dark greener
Cream fademas, name your God Ukarema
Shout out Medina, federaloes Noxzema
Me jury cleaner, Million Man March screamers
Rae Cartegna, cut your joint Wolverine
The lonzina, wrapped around the wrist, law seen her
How I got that yo, threw out the macker named Gina
Bust a shot, seen her, it richocheted, tapped Tina
Now I'm out, lampin in Korea with Talima
{there's more...}

[xxx|{6::3}] ~ #5902-TALIMA {19VI42} • Russian or Ukrainian astronomer. Working at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, she has discovered a number of asteroids, including the Amor asteroid 5324 Lyapunov and the Trojan asteroid 3063 Makhaon. She has two daughters, Masha and Renata. Asteroids discovered: 131: 3453 Dostoevsky, 3508 Pasternak, 3623 Chaplin, 3772 Piaf, 4017 Disneya, 5247 Krylov, 5615 Iskander, 5666 Rabelais, 5676 Voltaire, 5902 Talima, 6592 Goya, 8142 Zolotov, 15691 Maslov • DECLINATION: 8º37'12.5125"N ~ ANTISCIA: Aries 10º18'28" • DISTANCE: 292º23'34" FROM ORCHIS @ [ASTERION] • SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA {Manipura (Waxing 67.5º)} • Compass Rose: E by N 78º45' @ 32 PATHS OF WISDOM ~ Path #12: INTELLIGENCE of TRANSPARENCY ~ The TWELFTH PATH (Original #31) Malkuth to Hod = ATU I THE MAGICIAN = MERCURY = BETH • 49-STAR TIC MATRIX: [[ ZONE :: ONE {Mercury} - MESH-tXP: 00/02 LURGGO ~ ticX 2 = : ]] — PRIME SERIES [1]-[75]-[146] :: PRIME NUMBERS [2]-[379]-[839] • EON PHASE: 30 (Phase Arc 288° ~ Waning Quintile) Application, Authentic Participation, Greater Whole, Serving • SUBDECADANCE [17 ~ VIRGO 10°-19°] MESH-17: DJUDDHA (Judd Dread) : Decentred Threat ~ Net-Span 6::2 : Decadology {C/TP-#5 MN- [5D]} Amphidemon of Artificial Turbulence (complex-dynamics simulations); Machine-vortex (seething skin); Storm peripheries (Wendigo legends) • GOË-ANGELICA ~ #53-CAMIÖ :: #70-YEBEM [VIRGO 15º–19º] (info :: v1.0 :: v2.0) • WING OF THE WINDS: {(+)} Angel of Mercy: ShHV + AL (Shahavel)—HƒIVH • FUTHNORKING GNOSIS: PITCH {Ana-2} MESH-38 UNNUNDDO ~ K-Rune {KAUNAN :: 93º41'32" +14° Yildun Libration} Ulcer, Illness, Beacon, Torch • BARKER SPIRAL :: Tchakki {1+9::0+9} : VI 19° : #FFD900 : 592nm • TARO: ATU XV DEVIL [P9] • 91 PARTS: 8th Aethyr, ZID (Aethyr of One's God), PART-[3/24] PRISTAC (He who has the likeness of a Holy One); Location: Gallian - Unknown; Tribe-[9] • DE QUINQUAGINTA PORTIS INTELLIGENTIAE :: CLASSIS SECUNDA : Mistorum Decas ~ PORTA [11 ~ ASTERION : 17VI47] Mineralium, terra discooperta, apparitio.


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