northanger (northanger) wrote,

Sicle Names, Ma'at Rite & Clicking Nomo

"Corrilon tuma baris, comesa to tanun orgeka. Nuldemor ooteja surmanu otella nor nomi. Tratela ooipe comelun troblon oormega tabulasa oocala ertepo makelana pitesu normega". (The Rite of Ma'at)

144 letters / 9 = 16; sixteen letters per Sicle Name.

[0]-ZERO - [0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0]
Nomo. Undivided Outside One. For You Life is Drowning.
(eiaoung::silent whisper of the ulterior depths)

[1]-AMDRANISA (Aquarius) ~ 000º::15º - [1][3][5][7][1][3][5][8][1][3][6][8][1][4][6][8]
Nomo. Numerous Under One. You Part Through Depths Swelling.

[2]–LOTAVARIA (Cancer) ~ 160º::25º - [2][4][6][8][2][4][6][9][2][4][7][9][2][5][7][9]
Nomo. Half Hidden Within One. You Submerge all Forgetting.

[3]–KENIKOIMA (Capricorn) ~ 320º::05º - [3][5][7][9][1][3][5][7][1][3][5][8][1][3][6][8]
Nomo. Twice Exceeding One. You Bear Earth Convulsing.

[4]–DARESTHIL (Gemini) ~ 120º::15º - [1][4][6][8][2][4][6][8][2][4][6][9][2][4][7][9]
Nomo. Ultimate Redoubled One. For You Breath is Dying.

[5]–DOJINDAGO (Scorpio) ~ 280º::25º - [2][5][7][9][3][5][7][9][1][3][5][7][1][3][5][8]
Nomo. Whisper of the Dead. Sinking One You Twin.

[6]–BALTHURIS (Taurus) ~ 080º::05º - [1][3][6][8][1][4][6][8][2][4][6][8][2][4][6][9]
Nomo. Hunger of the Earth. Bearing Twice Your Twin.

[7]–KIMAZTOLA (Libra) ~ 240º::15º - [2][4][7][9][2][5][7][9][3][5][7][9][1][3][5][7]
Nomo. Feeder of the Shadows. Double One Entwining.

[8]–TONIKAVAT (Pisces) ~ 040º::25º - [1][3][5][8][1][3][6][8][1][4][6][8][2][4][6][8]
Nomo. Shifter of the Deep. Still One In Your Twinning.

[9]–DENIVANUI (Virgo) ~ 200º::05º - [2][4][6][9][2][4][7][9][2][5][7][9][3][5][7][9]
Nomo. Wholly Without One. Swallowing All You Twin.


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