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Celestial Lotus

Runar's Sicle Rite is an Enochian rite of protection. searching the Online Etymology Dictionary for protect returns protection, scabbard, seraglio, protege, hero, Nebuchadnezzar, antimacassar, bunk (1), presidio, defense, medusa, Belshazzar, shadow, chaps, forfend, Medea, muffle, refugee, tribune, reserve, pabulum, belfry, overall, champion, observe, hauberk, guarantee, skirmish, defend, hat, wormwood, satrap, warren, liege, tissue, warrant, weir, leg, police, food, bury, coffee (haha), sacred, wear, shoe & guild. suprisingly, it also includes Alexander (defender of men) & Alexis (to ward off, keep, protect).

protection :: c.1375, from O.Fr. protection (12c.), from L. protectionem "a covering over," from protectus, pp. of protegere "protect, cover in front," from pro- "in front" + tegere "to cover" (see stegosaurus). The O.E. word for "protect" was beorgan.

stegosaurus ::type of dinosaur, 1892, from Mod.L. order name Stegosauria (O.C.Marsh, 1877), from comb. form of Gk. stegos "roof" (from stege "covering," stegein "to cover," from PIE base *(s)teg- "cover," especially "cover with a roof" (cf. Skt. sthag- "cover, conceal, hide;" L. tegere "to cover;" Lith. stegti "roof;" O.N. þekja, O.E. þeccan "thatch;" Du. dekken, Ger. decken "to cover, put under roof;" Ir. tuigiur "cover," tech "house;" Welsh toi "thatch, roof," ty "house") + sauros "lizard." The back-armor plates in the fossilized remains look like roof tiles.

i worked with the nine words of the sicle rite during january 2004 developing a ritual to build on the thesis/antithesis/synthesis theme (this idea also discussed in Kaplan's Sefer Yetzirah). here i wanted to blend the idea of time lords, 360-day calendar, the number nine, nested patterns, etc. the order i used the names created a nine-rayed "flower". this flower similar to the Lotus of the Temple of Benjamin Rowe.

Enochian Temples :: The basic unit in the Elemental Tablets is the square. Since the Temple is a transformation of the Tablets into three dimensions, it follows that the basic unit for the construction of the Temple will be the cube. One particular kind of cube has proven to significantly enhance the effectiveness of astrally-constructed Temples ... These special cubes are formed from four truncated pyramids of the kind used in the Golden Dawn system to symbolize the energies of the Tablets. The pyramids have square bases. Each side adjacent to the base meets it at an angle of forty- five degrees, and the top has sides whose length is one-third that of a base side. The pyramids are then set with their bases outwards to form four sides of a cube, with the top and bottom faces empty. The cube thus formed acts as an accumulator and focusing device for whatever energies are assigned to it. The four "solid" sides channel energies into the center of the cube. Beams meet in opposing pairs and are thrown outwards in the only directions remaining, as rays from the empty top and bottom faces. The wand-like nature of the projecting forces suggests that this form of the cube be associated with the fire aspect. Adding a fifth pyramid to the cube neutralizes the opposing forces of the first four, and causes energy to well up out of the sixth side like a fountain, or like a perpetually-opening lotus. Clearly, this form of the cube relates to the water aspect.

{The Lotus of the Temple}{The Lotus of the Temple: Sample Visions}

AFAIK, Rowe received one sigil on one of the petals of the lotus (other's have expanded on this idea). my work involved hyperstitionally identifying time lords (chronoskrators) with dynamic sets of concatenated sigils (at the time, wasn't aware this idea similar to TARDIS or Stargate). therefore, each Sicle Name associated with a Time Lord identified by the concatenated, dynamic name based on the current 4-hour time segment. i did this using Hebrew noticing the same nine patterns of names. been awhile since i looked at this, but think you can use Munumese (barker) or Runes to do this.

sicle order
1st Sicle.............1–AMDRANISA
5th Sicle.............2–LOTAVARIA
9th Sicle.............3–KENIKOIMA
4th Sicle.............4–DARESTHIL
8th Sicle.............5–DOJINDAGO
3rd Sicle.............6–BALTHURIS
7th Sicle.............7–KIMAZTOLA
2nd Sicle............8–TONIKAVAT
6th Sicle.............9–DENIVANUI

zodiac division
[1]-Aquarius 15° {0°} : Air-Fixed-[+]
[2]-Pisces 25° {40°} : Water-Mutable-[-]
[3]-Taurus 5° {80°} : Earth-Fixed-[-]
[4]-Gemini 15° {120°} : Air-Mutable-[+]
[5]-Cancer 25° {160°} : Water-Cardinal-[-]
[6]-Virgo 5° {200°} : Earth-Mutable-[-]
[7]-Libra 15° {240°} : Air-Cardinal-[+]
[8]-Scorpio 25° {280°} : Water-Fixed-[-]
[9]-Capricorn 5° {320°} : Earth-Cardinal-[-]

zodiac-sicle order
[1]-Aquarius (AMDRANISA)
[5]-Cancer (LOTAVARIA)
[9]-Capricorn (KENIKOIMA)
[4]-Gemini (DARESTHIL)
[8]-Scorpio (DOJINDAGO)
[3]-Taurus (BALTHURIS)
[7]-Libra (KIMAZTOLA)
[2]-Pisces (TONIKAVAT)
[6]-Virgo (DENIVANUI)

note: each 40° quadrant represented by Air, Water & Earth signs; none of quadrants begins on a Fire sign (which are all masculine).

Aries: Fire-Cardinal-[+]
Leo: Fire-Fixed-[+]
Sagittarius: Fire-Mutable-[+]

the idea is to identify nine asteroids or planets on astroschyzy & perform a celestial sicle rite.

tentative assignments
[1]-Aquarius (AMDRANISA) = ASC {15AQ00}
[5]-Cancer (LOTAVARIA) = HERTHA {24CN30}
[9]-Capricorn (KENIKOIMA) = [#26] - KAUS MEDIUS {04CP40}
[4]-Gemini (DARESTHIL) = ECHO {15GE25}
[8]-Scorpio (DOJINDAGO) = LAURELCLARK {25SC11}
[3]-Taurus (BALTHURIS) = HAMAL {07TA45}
[7]-Libra (KIMAZTOLA) = [#15 ~ Syzygial Amplexus 7::2] - MERGA {15LI31}
[2]-Pisces (TONIKAVAT) = BRENDELIA {25PI29Rx}
[6]-Virgo (DENIVANUI) = SPICER {05VI03}

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