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Alain Badiou

Astrology is a matter for philosophers —Paul Valéry

Reading undercurrent's post on Alain Badiou: Notes on Badiou, D&G, and the new antiliberation movement and did a search on Badiou and came across this:

As Badiou explains in detail in his major work to date L'Etre et l'événement (1988), truths are militant processes which, beginning from a specific time and place within a situation, pursue the step-by-step transformation of that situation in line with new forms of broadly egalitarian principles. Only a pure commitment, one detached from any psychological, social or 'objective' mediation, can qualify as the adequate vehicle for a truth, but reciprocally, only a properly universal truth qualifies as worthy of such a commitment. Only a truth can 'induce' the subject of a genuine commitment.

Badiou's most general goal can be described, then, as the effort to expose and make sense of the potential for profound, transformative innovation in any situation. Every such innovation can only begin with some sort of exceptional (though invariably ephemeral) break with the status quo, an 'event'. An event can occur at any time but not in just any place; an event will generally be located close to the edge of whatever qualifies as 'void' or indistinguishable in the situation, i.e. in that part of the situation where for literally fundamental reasons the prevailing forms of discernment and recognition cease to have any significant purchase. A truth then expands out of this 'evental site' (site événementiel) insofar as it elicits the militant conviction of certain individuals who develop the revolutionary implications of the event, and by doing so constitute themselves as the subjects of its truth. A subject is thus anyone carried by his or her fidelity to the consequences, as rigorous as they are haphazard, of an event, while a truth is nothing other than the cumulative collection of such post-evental consequences. The laborious, case-by-case application of these consequences will then serve to transform the entire way the situation organizes and represents itself, in keeping with the implications of the event.

An ordinary individual, or 'some-one,' only becomes a genuine subject insofar as he or she is caught up in a materially transformative procedure of this kind. By the same token (for reasons sketched in Badiou's most accessible short work, L'Ethique (1993), subjects only remain subjects insofar as their fidelity is in turn equipped to resist the various sorts of corruption it must inevitably face: fatigue, confusion, and dogmatism. (source)

Wow ... makes me wish I could read French (not all of Badiou's works are translated). This is a quote from Badiou's bio at the European Graduate School that perfectly encapsulates and describes my experience of the last five years that has been accelerated by 911 (and EGS sounds like one fuckingly awesome school, btw).

Prior to 911, what made me do Landmark Forum was to determine whether or not you could really "create your own reality". What I got was my first ontological conversation: a question of "being". Never had that type of conversation before. My experience of Hyperstition opens up new conversations that I was never aware of before, felt too stupid to enter before (Kant who?), felt I had to learn how to spell Nietsc ... and no one really needs to hear me say Goethe.

After 911. I watched 10 seconds of tv. How many hours did you watch? (1) Reading about pluto and neptune retrogrades really prepares a person for disaster; (2) Watching numerous tv talking tubers during the 2000 US presidential elections prepares a person to seek out better information.

What is strategy and what are tactics? Brilliant strategy: Alexander defeats Persia, Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, the Battle of the Bulge, General Patton managing to be in two places at one time. The attack on the World Trade Center in NYC was fucking brilliant strategy. The disarming of one of the planes stopping it from hitting its intended target was fuckingly brilliant tactics.

I am concerned for the world. Since 911, that concern has not decreased, it has increased. Fuck apathy. Until we finally blow ourselves up, or some conspiracy stops being theory and turns itself into reality ... I intend to keep searching for the truth. And that truth is: once I see anyone or any group committed to transforming the world without any agendas seeking political power, revenge, or self-interest—I'm going to join them. But fuck that too. If I can figure out how to single-handidly create peace on this planet and save the whales while I'm at it ... just call me a kamikaze for world peace. And no, I will not be carrying a gun. Us peaceful kinda folks need to learn some serious shit so we can get started on getting down with something.

Hyperstition is about learning strategies and tactics. Period. If your transformational powers are currently 90 pound weaklings hop over to Hyperstition and work up some muscle.


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