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old women disguising themselves reminds me of Mrs. Paterson & AOS (Austin Osman Spare, Austin Osman Spare and the Zos Kia Cultus, Zos Kia: Unparalleled Focus of Magickial Will). cutting off fingers reminds me of the Chod ritual.

several years ago i came across the chod ritual. Machig Labdron originated the tantric practice of Chod & Ayu Khadro was a great Chod practitioner.

What must be understood about the cutting Chod, is what is to be cut and how it is that we cut it. The answer to what must be cut is the root of samsara. Samsara is the cycles of endless suffering of forever becoming: we must look at what causes that and that cause must be cut (Chod).

Chod means "cutting through". Recognizing the body as the root of one’s attachment to self, Machig Labdron formulated Chod to be a practice that would destroy this fundamental attachment and simultaneously develop compassion for all beings. The main part of a Chod practice can be outlined as follows (Chod in Limitless-Oneness): [1] Transfer one’s consciousness into space and identify it with the black Vajra Yogini; [2] Through visualization, identify the body with the universe and then offer it completely to all beings who would want them, especially one’s creditors, enemies, and evil beings.

On the surface Chod seems to be an offering of only the body. Nevertheless, during the visualization the body has been identified with the universe, and consequently the offering means the offering of all things desirable. Thus, Chod is not just aiming at reduction of attachment to the body but also of all attachments. In terms of the traditional tantric classification of four levels, Chod could be characterized as a practice which frees one: outwardly from attachments to the body; inwardly, to sensual objects; secretly, to all desires and enjoyments; and most secretly, to self-centeredness. A Chodpa would gradually experience the transforming effects of Chod practices and become aware of its ever deeper penetration into the subtle and elusive core of one’s attachments.

An Exploration of the Thirty Aethyrs :: I am in a completely white landscape. Thousands of angels are here, but because they are completely white also, they are practically invisible. The letters I C H are also here, as solid sculptures, very large in the centre of the landscape — but they too are also completely white. I call for a guide. An angel approaches me and gives the LVX signs. He says: "You are at the brink of the abyss. What holds you back? The bonds to the material world — i.e. the bonds of your karma. "As in the preceding Aethyr, you learned to identify with the whole Collegium Spiritum Sanctum, so in this Aethyr you must take responsibility for discharging both your own karmic debts and those of the Collegium. In the RR et AC, this is represented by the Chief Adept who fastens himself to the cross of Obligation each year on Corpus Christi [The Consecration Ceremony of the Vault of the Adepti (1)], to retake the Adeptus Minor oath on behalf of all the second order." (NB: the 11th Aethyr is equivalent to Chesed, which in turn is equivalent to the grade of 7=4, which is associated with the office of Chief Adept.) "But note the following: "Westcott tried it and wanted to get out of it because it was too burdensome. Yeats tried to insist that the Chief Adept was not in fact doing this, i.e. trying to atone for the sins of the Second Order. But the irony is that in fact the Chief Adept is indeed meant to be atoning for the karmic debts incurred by the Second Order. If only he realised that he did it for them because he was them. If only they realised how much their fates were entwined with the Chief Adept's act!" It is like the Chod ritual, of Tibetan tradition - equivalent in purpose. "Therefore you must countenance that both you and the Collegium have done wrong — by not being as good Adepts as you could have been, by not behaving the correct way to those outside the order, etc." I meditate awhile on thise, firmly wiling that the Karmic debts of the order be remedied and thus discharged.

compare the chod ritual & consecration ceremony with the record of the eighth working in Crowley's Paris Working. plus: Ritual, Magick & How Pagans will Save the World.


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