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Out of Bounds & Orchis Resonance

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12:11 AM 11/25/2012 changed broken links, original article by Pamela Welch (first published in the June/July 2001 issue of The Mountain Astrologer).

Those Wild Out-of-Bounds Planets (1) :: Out-of-bounds planets involve two dynamics: declination and the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the apparent path of the Sun in its yearly motion across the sky. Of course, in reality we know that it is not the Sun that is moving, but rather the Earth that is orbiting around the Sun. Thus, the ecliptic is actually the plane of the Earth's orbit.
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Due to the tilt of the Earth on its axis, the Sun's path varies in declination between about 23°27' north of the equator at the Tropic of Cancer (summer solstice in the northern hemisphere) and 23°27'south at the Tropic of Capricorn (winter solstice). (See the Diagram at the end of this article.) When a celestial body goes beyond this maximum declination of 23°27', either north or south, it is considered out-of-bounds. In that position, the planet is outside the boundary limits of the ecliptic plane - that is, beyond the plane of the Earth's orbit around the Sun. The exact maximum declination of the Sun, which varies slightly by seconds from year to year, is now actually a little less than 23°27'. (2) However, even at 23°27'01", a planet is just beginning to go out-of-bounds without much noticeable effect. Because of this and the fact that many ephemerides and computer programs only give declination in degrees and minutes, I find it easier and more measurably significant to simply use planetary positions of at least 23°28' declination ... I've found that generally the higher the degree of declination, the more pronounced the effect of the out-of-bounds planet will be, whether this is expressed in terms of greater accomplishment for the native or in some type of abnormal behavior.

Those Wild Out-of-Bounds Planets (2) :: Natives with an out-of-bounds planet like to break the rules ... and color outside the lines ... unconventional and "outside the norm" expression you often see in someone with an out-of-bounds planet. Such individuals can often achieve extraordinary things and overcome great obstacles in life. However, an out-of-bounds planet can also be negatively expressed, leading to abnormal or unstable behavior which is outside the accepted standards of society. Its energy can indicate a tendency toward mental imbalance or at the very least create a lot of pressure and stress in an individual's life.

updated 827 List to {a} indicate when planets/asteroids greater than 23°28' declination (north or south); & {b} indicate when southern declinations within one degree [+/-] of Orchis (indicated by Orchis Resonance).

nine asteroids in Orchis Resonance: #1382-GERTI {08SG52}, #988-APPELLA {22SG30}, #351-YRSA {27SG25}, #9777-ENTERPRISE {07CP58}, #5790-NAGASAKI {27CP56Rx}, #3550-LINK {15PI48Rx}, #15-EUNOMIA {11SC55}, #51825-DAVIDBROWN {17SC41} & #2247-HIROSHIMA {26SC09}.

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