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Asteroid #12238 Actor

last night i picked up Frances A. Yates The Rosicrucian Enlightenment which i opened at page 144 just now (for clarity i've included starting paragraph from page 143):

{page 143} At the end of the Christian Mythology there is a dialogue between Philalethes and Alethea (Truth and the Lover of Truth). According to Waite [AE Waite, Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross], p. 205] and Arnold [Arnold, Rose-Croix, p. 194], the statements which Andrea makes here are proof that he turned against the Rosicrucian movement, perhaps because he was alarmed at the course events were taking. The Lover of Truth asks Truth what she thinks of the Fraternitas R.C., and whether she belongs to it or has anything to do with it. Truth replies {page 144} very firmly, "Planissime nihil', or 'I have nothing whatever to do with it'. She is giving the normal reply to such an enquiry and following the usual evasive pattern. But let us also consider the rest of her speech [Andrea, Mytholgiae Christiana ... Libri tres, p 329; cf. Waite, Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, p. 205]:

I have nothing whatever to do with it [the Fraternitas R.C.]. When it came about, not a long time since, that some on the literary stage were arranging a play scene of certain ingenious parties, I stood aside as one who looks on, having regard to the fashion of the age which seizes with avidity on new-fangled notions. As spectator, it was not without a certain quality of zest that I beheld the battle of the books and marked subsequently an entire change of actors. But seeing that at present the theatre is filled with altercations, with a great clash of opinions, that the fight is carried on by vague hints and malicious conjectures, I have withdrawn myself utterly, that I may not be involved in so dubious and slippery a concern.

checked my natal chart after researching strange attractor to see what was at 14° Sagittarius: ACTOR & INDUSTRIA. (see also IT's Humanism posts: Humanism, Humanism encore, Humanism finale).

  1. Actor-network theory (ANT) :: general theory of sociological behaviour that concerns actors as autonomous, communicating entities. Actors in this theory are also called actants. It is distinguished from other network theories in that an actor-network contains not merely people, but objects and organisations. The primary tenet of actor-network theory is the concept of the heterogenous network. That is, a network containing many dissimilar elements. These coextensive networks comprise of both social and technical parts. Moreover, the social and technical are treated as inseparable by ANT. Actor-network theory claims that any actor, whether person, object (including computer software, hardware, and technical standards), or organisation, is equally important to a social network. As such, societal order is an effect caused by the smooth running of an actor network. This order begins to break down when certain actors are removed ... Much of the controversy surrounding actor-network theory is caused by its lack of distinction between people and objects.

  2. Unified Modeling Language (UML) :: open method used to specify, visualize, construct and document the artifacts of an object-oriented software-intensive system under development. The UML represents a compilation of best engineering practices which have proven to be successful in modeling large, complex systems, especially at the architectural level. UML uses the following concepts: Actor, Activity, Interface, Package, Class, Statechart, Sequence, Event. an actor in UML is something or someone who supplies a stimulus to the system. It can also be thought of as something the system requires in order to function. Without a customer (an actor) in a restaurant, the process of ordering food cannot begin. In addition to actors there also exists primary actors, supporting actors & stakeholders.

  3. Scheme programming language :: developed initially as an attempt to understand the Actor model; The dialect of Lisp known as Scheme was originally an attempt by Gerald Jay Sussman and Guy Steele during Autumn 1975 to explicate for themselves some aspects of Carl Hewitt’s theory of actors as a model of computation. Hewitt’s model was object-oriented (and influenced by Smalltalk); every object was a computationally active entity capable of receiving and reacting to messages. The objects were called actors, and the messages themselves were also actors.

  4. Actor model :: In computer science, the Actor model, first published in 1973, is a mathematical model of concurrent computation. Actors are the universal primitives of concurrent digital computation. In response to a message that it receives, an Actor can make local decisions, create more Actors, send more messages, and determine how to respond to the next message received ... The keys to practical success with the Actor model are specialization for functionality and optimization for performance ... The Actor model provided the foundation for solving the Artificial Intelligence control structure problem ... The Actor Model features unbounded nondeterminism which was captured in a mathematical model by Will Clinger using domain theory. There is no global state in the Actor model ... Another important characteristic of the Actor model is locality.

on 827 list, Actor 04SG46 conjuncts Franzkaiser 04SG31 & Atlantis 05SG15 in Ceres Point; Industria 23AQ12Rx conjuncts Sadalsuud 23AQ29 & Purpurea 23AQ34Rx. rune for Actor = Isaz (Ice, Death, Standstill, Blockade); rune for Industria = Mannaz (Man, Male, Human-Being, Mankind). corresponding Gothic letter for Isaz named eis (purpurea & eis mentioned here & here). my keywords for Actor: Performer; Participant; Agere: Drive, Draw, Move; Ogham=incised line.

i'll update 827 list with Industria, Actor, Arieso, Hylonome, Marymohammed, Ibramohammed & Yamamohammed.


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