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827 Conjunction: Uranus & Quadea

me bad: i had saturn, not uranus.

Uranus {08PI57Rx / Declination 8º57'59.8663"S} & asteroid #1297-Quadea {08PI14Rx / Declination 8º13'42.3778"S} conjunct on 827 list.

Uranus' antisicia is #86-Semele mother of Dionysus (For some say, at Dracanum; and some, on windy Icarus; and some, in Naxos, O Heaven-born, Insewn; and others by the deep-eddying river Alpheus that pregnant Semele bare you to Zeus the thunder-lover. And others yet, lord, say you were born in Thebes; but all these lie. The Father of men and gods gave you birth remote from men and secretly from white-armed Hera. There is a certain Nysa, a mountain most high and richly grown with woods, far off in Phoenice, near the streams of Aegyptus...).

Quadea's antiscia is hypothetical Adams (british mathematician & astronomer predicted the existence and position of Neptune, using only mathematics).

selected asteroid ##1015-Christa, midway between Semele & Adams, to compare/contrast different (probably extreme) religious beliefs (see: Walhalla).

(Darth Vader & Star Wars) :: Darth Vader = Uranus - "Charles Carter associated Uranus with dictators and tyrants. Liz Greene thinks that Uranus incarnates the 'Iceman' archetype, as exemplified in Eugene O'Neill's 'The Iceman Cometh' (I haven't read it). She says (re-translating from Spanish): Psychiatry calls him the psychopath, a condition considered impossible to treat and incurable. We tend to use the label 'psychopaths' with persons that appear to have no feelings. Psychiatry defines this condition as a state of inherent moral inferiority, meaning that, when inflicting pain in others, there are no feelings of guilt. At the emptional level, the person remains untouched. He can commit an anti-social or cruel action without feeling any remorse or empathy. I prefer to call such a person 'Iceman': it is a mythical figure. I think that, in some way, it is the shadow of the masculine principle, its extreme limit... I think that the Gorgone is connected with Pluto, and the Iceman with Uranus."

Hiroshima-Pholus-Eros conjunction :: Pholus & War.


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