northanger (northanger) wrote,

Qabbala 101 Part 2. Popular Numeracy

Qabbala 101 Part 2. Popular Numeracy

Jeez louise! it's about time.

pretentious naïve & crunchy nutshellies!

oh great. evoke lemuria & create total anarchy (keep badiou chained in the basement for this one!). let's bliss, shall we? go breakout charles manson (call the counterculture & cybergothic crew, they should be down for this one). call dahak (make sure you address his greatness as MY LORD AZHI DAHAKA ... or pretty boy ... he'll blow your fucking brains out). wait a minute, got a BETTER idea, if we get a solid rsvp from OUR LORD AZHI DAHAKA i'm sure ... just positive! he'll exhume the grund of ABOMENON and we'll be rocking all night to Sweet Extinction (did we book rooms for them yet? make sure to leave out the brown m&ms) ... who'd i leave out? oh yeah, yeah that guy abdul alhazred, sad about him really, got to drinking and fell into cannibalism ...


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