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827 Charts & Syzygies

revised charts. astrodienst allows five asteroids per chart. {a} Cape Canaveral :: 11365 NASA, 9777 ENTERPRISE, 327 COLUMBIA, 9770 DISCOVERY & 1198 ATLANTIS; {b} Wenzhou :: 35, LEUKOTHEA, 8585 PURPUREA, 33128 ALASTOR (1998 BU48), 12227 PENNEY & 402 CHLOE.; {c} Lhasa :: 1080 ORCHIS, 15417 BABYLON, 16 PSYCHE, 19521 CHAOS & 5335 DAMOCLES. {a} science & technology; {b} four horsemen of the apocalypse, enochian seniors & tablets, or alchemical process; {c} law of thelema.

instead of using 220 syzygies decided to do something different.

  • grand triad: [Neptune]-[Moon]-[Jupiter+Venus] = Time-Circut
  • Pluto (Druj) = Warp The Plex
  • Sun-Mercury-Lilith-Saturn = Plex The Warp

note: time-circuit planets form upside down YOD.

Pylon Planet 827 Syzygy Conjunctions
[1] Neptune 15AQ41Rx [Mesh #29] {8::1} MURRUMUR Discovery, Columbia, Damocles, Kozai
[2] Jupiter 17LI45 [Mesh #23] {7::2} ODDUBB Venus, Crawford, Ambrosia, Pallas
[3] Moon 19GE45 [Mesh #14] {5::4} KATTAK Gutemberga, Nihal, Bohlinia
[5] Pluto 21SG50Rx [Mesh #36] {9::0} UTTUNUL Melpomene, Meta, Nasa, Atlantis
[4] Mercury 17LE10 [Mesh #18] {6::3} DJYNXX Richard, 2002AW197, Don Quixote


made one change to table above: switched pylons #4 & #5. 827 list still incorrect on syzygies & needed to verify locations. pentagram order on 827 Chart (numogram): {Time Circuit} #1-Neptune, #2-Jupiter, #3-Moon, {The Warp} #5-Mercury & {The Plex} #4-Pluto.

syzygies assigned counter-clockwise. MURRUMUR AQ-->GE, KATTAK GE-->ME, DJYNXX ME-->JU, ODDUBB JU-->PL, UTTUNUL PL-->AQ. following table sorted by pylon with zodiac positions oriented to Aries 0° (primarily to ensure excel formulas correct).

[1st Pylon] MURRUMUR {8::1} NEPTUNE 15AQ41Rx Aqu 315º41'26" to
Gemini 79º45'52"
Mesh-29. Mur Mur (Murrumur, Mu(mu)). Dream-Serpent. Pitch Null Net-Span 8::1 Syzygetic Chronodemon of the Deep Ones. Feeds Surge-Current. Rt-0:[X] Oceanic sensation (gilled-unlife and spinal-regressions).
Centauri subdecadence maps Zone-8 onto the passive side of the First (or Centre) Pylon on the Atlantean Cross. As the dark aspect of Anamnesis (‘memories and dreams’) it corresponds to submerged currents of fatality.
Zone-8 is the fourth of the six Torque-region Zones of the Numogram. Its Syzygetic-twin is Zone-1. The 8+1 Syzygy is carried by the demon Murmur (known to Muvian sorcerors as 'the nethermost denizen of time'). Zone-8 both initiates and envelops the Eighth-Phase of Pandemonium (including 256 impulse-entities). This association with the digital byte (eight bits) cements its importance within cybergothic cults. In its initiatory aspect - as the Eighth Door - Zone-8 is problematically identifiable with the Muvian amphidemon (and imp of the first degree) Minommo (8::0). This demon figures prominently in the dream sorcery of the Mu Nma. The Eighth Gate (Gt-36) connects Zone-8 to Zone-9, and the corresponding Channel is the sole path of escape from the Torque - or 'Time-Circuit' - into the Plex. Due to its digital cross-match with the 6+3 Syzygy (occupying the Warp-region of the Numogram, and carried by the Xenodemon Djynxx (6::3)) the Eighth Gate seems to address what Stillwell has called the 'ultimate numogrammatic enigma' - that of the intercommunication between the Warp and Plex regions. This linkage is crucially emphasized in the culture of Tzikvik shamanism, and - under the name 'Gate of Charon'- is taken-up into Late-Atlantean apocalypticism (since its digital sum (36) itself cumulates to 666, and thus echoes the number of Seals to the Great Abyss (long associated with the thirty-six cards of the Decadence pack)).
[2nd Pylon] ODDUBB {7::2} JUPITER 17LI45 Libra 197º45'9" to
Sagittare 261º50'57"
Mesh-23. Oddubb (Odba). Broken Mirror. Pitch Null Net-Span 7::2 Syzygetic Chronodemon of Swamp-Labyrinths (and blind-doubles). Feeds Hold-Current. Rt-0:[X]. Time loops, glamour and glosses.
Centauri subdecadence maps Zone-7 onto the active side of the Second (or Right) Pylon on the Atlantean Cross. As the light aspect of Genesis (‘creative influences’) it corresponds to genealogy, ancestor worship and inherited wealth.
Zone-7 is the fifth of the six Torque-region Zones of the Numogram, and Tractor-Zone of the 8-1 (or 'Surge') Current. Its Syzygetic-twin is Zone-2. The 7+2 Syzygy is carried by the demon Oddubb, whose associations with hyperstitious doublings reinforces its twin character. Zone-7 both initiates and envelops the Seventh-Phase of Pandemonium (including 128 impulse-entities). In its initiatory aspect - as the Seventh Door - Zone-7 opens onto the cosmic swamp-labyrinths or 'Tracts of Dobo.' Muvian sorcery attributes this door to the amphidemon (and imp of the first degree) Puppo (7::0). The Seventh Gate (Gt-28) feeds Zone-7 back to Zone-1, and this tendency to precipitate 'fold-type' time-anomalies accounts for its Black-Atlantean name 'Gate of Relapse.' The Channel corresponding to the Seventh Gate is one of three concluding in Zone-1, and the only counter-cyclic path within the Torque. The aquassasins of Hyper-C fetishize this gate in their bizarre mysteries of the Bubble Pod.
[3rd Pylon] KATTAK {5::4} MOON 19GE45 Gemini 79º45'52" to
Leo 137º10'43"
Mesh-14. Katak. Desolator. Pitch Null. Net-Span 5::4 Syzygetic Chronodemon of Cataclysmic Convergence. Feeds Sink-Current. Ciphers Gt-45 5th Phase limit Decadology. C/tp-#0 [Joker]. Rt-0:[X] Tail-chasing, rabid animals (nature red in tooth and claw). Rt-1:[418725] Panic (slasher pulp and religious fervour).
Centauri subdecadence maps Zone-5 onto the active side of the Third (or Left) Pylon on the Atlantean Cross. As the light aspect of Apocalypse (‘destructive influences’) it corresponds to decision, judgement, and war.
Zone-5 is the sixth of the six Torque-region Zones of the Numogram, and Tractor-Zone of the 7-2 (or 'Hold') Current. Its Syzygetic-twin is Zone-4. This 5+4 Syzygy (carried by the demon Katak) draws the innermost curve of the Barker-spiral, with Zone-5 itself marking its central and terminal node (or 'inner-eye'). Zone-5 both initiates and envelops the Fifth-Phase of Pandemonium (including 32 impulse-entities). Horovitz remarks specifically upon the qabbalistic resonance of these values. In its initiatory aspect Zone-5 functions as the Fifth (or Hyperborean) Door, attributed by Muvian sorcery to the amphidemon (and imp of the first degree) Tokhatto (5::0). In the inner esoteric circles of the AOE this demon is reverenced as the Angel of the Decadence Pack, and even identified with the Archangel Meteka (associations reinforced by numerous qabbalistic peculiarities).
[4th Pylon] DJYNXX {6::3} MERCURY 17LE10 Leo 137º10'43" to
Libra 197º45'9"
Mesh-18. Djynxx (Ching, The Jinn). Child Stealer. Pitch Null Net-Span 6::3 Syzygetic Xenodemon of Time-Lapse. Feeds and Prowls Warp-Current. Ciphers Gt-36. Haunts Gt-06, Gt-21. Rt-0:[X] Abstract cyclones, dust spirals (nomad war-machine). [+2 sub-Rt].
Centauri subdecadence maps Zone-6 onto the passive side of the Fourth (or Crown) Pylon on the Atlantean Cross. As the dark aspect of Fortune (‘far future’) it corresponds to ‘gnostic death,’ event horizon, and the absolutely unexpected.
Zone-6 is the second of the two Warp-region Zones of the Numogram. Its Warp-complement and Syzygetic-twin is Zone-3. It is this 6+3 Syzygy (carried by the demon Djynxx) which draws the 'Ulterior Vortex' of Outer-Time. Zone-6 provides the terminus for two channels, one each from the Torque (the 5th), and the Warp (the 3rd). Zone-6 both initiates and envelops the Sixth-Phase of Pandemonium (including 64 impulse-entities). Chaim Horovitz qabbalistically relates this phase, multitude, or 'Tone' to the hexagrams of the I Ching and to the yantras of the Ur-Oriyan Yoginis. As initiator, Zone-6 corresponds to the Sixth Door. Muvian sorcery attributes this door - which it names Undu - to the terrible chaotic xenodemon (and imp of the first degree) Tchu (6::0), primordially associated with shocking disappearances. The Sixth Gate (Gt-21) twists Zone-6 through Zone-3, vortically recycling it into the Warp. Its corresponding channel tracks the course of the Warp-current, reinforcing the turbular-momentum of the entire region.
[5th Pylon] UTTUNUL {9::0} PLUTO 21SG50Rx Sag 261º50'57" to
Aquarius 315º41'26"
Mesh-36. Uttunul. Seething Void (clicks Gt-36) Pitch Null Net-Span 9::0 Syzygetic Xenodemon of Atonality. Feeds and Prowls Plex-Current, Haunts Gt-45 9th Door (Cthelll) [Pluto], Sacrum Rt-0:[X] Crossing the iron-ocean (plutonics).
Centauri subdecadence maps Zone-9 onto the active side of the Fifth (or Root) Pylon on the Atlantean Cross. As the light aspect of Foundation (‘deep past’) it corresponds to the prehuman cultures of the Old Ones.
Zone-9 is the second of the two zones mutually composing the Plex-region of the Numogram, and Tractor-Zone for the 9-0 (or 'Plex') current. Its Plex-complement and Syzygetic-twin is Zone-0. This 9+0 Syzygy (carried by the demon Uttunul) draws the outermost curve of the Barker-spiral, which coincides with the limit ordinal-span in Barkerian arithmetic. Zone-9 provides the terminus for two channels, one each from the Torque (the 8th), and the Plex (the 9th). Zone-9 both initiates and envelops the Ninth-Phase of Pandemonium (including 512 impulse-entities, one half of the fully disorganized population). In the first of these aspects it functions as the Ninth (or Ultimate) Door, which degenerated Muvian sorceries identify with the syzygetic xenodemon (and imp of the first degree) Uttunul (9::0, see above). The Ninth Gate (Gt-45) connects Zone-9 to itself, transducing the third involutionary channel (see Zone-0, Zone-1). Nma sorcery refers to it as the Gate of Pandemonium (a fact Stillwell attributes to the coincidence of its number (45) with that of the Nma demonomy). The Tzikvik associate it with Tchukululok (fabled City of the Worms), and emphasize its numerical cross-match with the 5+4 Syzygy, whose demonic carrier they call Kattku (the Nma ‘Katak'). The Xxignal track Utterminus is dedicated to the Ninth Gate, linking it to K-goth synthanatonic fugues. In contrast, Polanski's film ‘The Ninth Gate' - despite its title - has only the most tenuous and allusive relation to the Numogram path of this name. Mu Tantrism plots Zone-9 intensities onto the Sacral level of the spine. The Sacrum (or ‘sacred bone') has been identified (by Goethe amongst others) as a degenerated second skull.

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