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crunched through 300+ asteroid & planet ephemerides to complete last bit. wouldn't you know it? just plugged everything into excel when i realized a column of data all incorrect. argh! however, appeared to be offset by two rows. added fixed star Kaffaljidhma — offset probably occurred when i was pasting it somewhere else. offset began at asteroids NASA & Discovery.

Kaffaljidhma means "cut-short hand" (reaching from the Pleiades). al-kiff related to palmistry. someone thinks letter codes in Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda mentions Kaffaljidhma:

Laguz: Cetus
Verse 29.
Tvær man ek hilmi hýrum
heimsvistir ótvistar
hlaut ek ásamt at sitia
seimgildi fémildum
Fúss gaf fylkir hnossir
fleinstýri margydýrar
hollr var hersa stilli
hoddspennir fiölmennum

"The Stars: This verse holds the names for the constellation of Cetus. Its name is most clearly revealed in line 3 where hlaut ek ás = Al Ketus. The brightest star of the group is again clear. In line 1 where Menkar = ær man ek. The second brightest star is also easily seen. This occurs in line 3 where El Difdi = ildi fé-ild. There is one quite extraordinary name in this verse. It is the name for the fifth brightest star Kaff al Jidhmah. Line 4 seems to state the whole name as gildi fémild. The next line has gaf fyl or af fylk (=Kaff al) while the following line has i margyd (=Jidhmah)."

on road trips we used to say: trip's not over until everyone safely home. AQ 190 = KAFFALJIDHMA = CANE BEARERS.

welcome home, Discovery.


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