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827 Astroschyzy Cycle #01/01

here [05:14am] fixed invalid gate#/shield#, character flaws (replacing ¤ {¤}, with this µ {µ}) & misdirected formulas.

doh. Cape Canaveral is a city. revised 827 chart & switched from Titusville to Cape Canaveral.

European explorer Ponce de León first discovered Cape Canaveral in 1513. He initially called the area Corrientes, a Spanish word that described the strong currents he experienced off its coast. At that time, the Ais Indians inhabited the area. De León and another European, Francisco Gordillo, had a confrontation with them. The Ais had developed a method of making cane arrows with razor sharp ends. The cane arrows killed many Europeans. As a result of that battle, the name Canaveral, meaning cane bearer, began appearing on maps of the area. {Cape Canaveral: Launchpad to the Stars}

Capo de Canaveral (cape of the cane bearers).

almost finished revising grid. ack, had to set house positions to 27° instead of 0° since everything (gates, shields, etc) starts on that quinary. therefore, each house has (approx) one quinary from one sign & 5 quinaries from another sign. eg, first house begins at Scorpio 27°16'58" based on asteroid #1080 Orchis' position on 27-Aug-05. all houses begin at 27°16'58". & because this is astroschyzy, many zodiac correspondences shift. eg, Vapula (aka, Spikenard) normally assigned to final Scorpio quinary & Glasya-Labolas assigned to first Sagittarius quinary. on the 827 excel gric, Vapula is the leading Goëtic demon (1st house, 1st quinary) & Gläsya is second (1st house, 2nd quinary). technically, Gläsya still Sagittarius, but she's operating in the first house of Scorpio on 827 Astroschyzy. (iow, they triangulate).

more stuff

[1] 220 syzygies & 49 Gates remain the same. however, instead of starting at YILDUN, 827 starts at ORCHIS (zero point). asteroids still grouped by gates.

[2] ZUBENELAKRAB (20th Gate) is also on the first quinary.

[3] ShemhaMephoresh Avamel (Heb:AUM) :: Aids against desperation and trouble, strengthens patience, dominates the generation of men and animals.

[4] Enochian Sun King RAAGIOSL :: He whose hands are toward the East.

[5] Enochian Part OCCODON :: He whose name is Renewal.

[6] Enochian Aethyr LIL :: The First Aethyr.

[7] Tarot Major :: Ace of Cups; Minor :: Five of Cups (Disappointment).

[8] all biorhythms start on 27-August-2005 & set to zero.

[9] Ephemeris, Sunrise, Moon Illumination, etc., set to Cape Canaveral, Florida.


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