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what ... me worry?

poor mike in #3 was evicted several weeks ago. i shall miss him.

i cannot help but relate the strange set of synchronistic events causing me to awaken early to see the new #3 move in this fine morning. a fine gun-metal colored chrysler & moving van were at the back as i walked to my car. this morning's activities: 9:00am drop-off & 11:00am pickup for a volleyball tryout. both went smoothly since i only had to do the driving bit. by the time i returned, after waiting a dutiful 20 minutes assuring all well concerning newly-minted & nervous high schooler, both van & car had disappeared. pickup portion of my morning revealed gun-metal owner as a black woman. completed nanny duties by 11:20am by giving very furry person twisted rawhide bone (since they growl expectantly at empty-handedness). gun-metal still conveniently parked behind my parking slot. nice car, i thought, as i casually strolled by inspecting it out of the corner of my eye. then i noticed the sticker: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE.

[15-Aug|09:05 earlier than above, saw this]

Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt (FFI) har til formål å drive forskning og utvikling for Forsvarets behov. FFI skal være rådgiver for Forsvarets politiske og militære ledelse i faglige spørsmål som er innen instituttets arbeidsområde.

"Vi gjør kunnskap og idéer til et effektivt forsvar"

Thus, justification is a normative notion. That means that it has to do with norms, rights, responsibilities, obligations, and so forth. The standard definition is that a concept is normative iff it is a concept regarding or depending on the norms, or obligations and permissions (very broadly construed), involved in human conduct. It is generally accepted that the concept of justification is normative, because it is defined as a concept regarding the norms of belief.

IFF can stand for Interchange File Format, Identification friend or foe or mathematics concept if and only if (logical symbols "↔" and "⇔", and "≡").

AQ 48 = IFF = AOE


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