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827 Excel Grid Revision

started tearing apart 220 excel grid. gotta reset all formulas & check they're updating correctly. ugh, Scorpio 27° on last quinary kinda tricky.

scratching head over house division. usually houses begin at 0°, division usually occurs at ascendant. in this case asc = zp. so ... all houses can start at 0° or 27°.

must also update kalachakra info since i only got up to august. blech.

my hair is falling out. so i don't have to stop & tear it out myself. i like when things work out like that.


House division set at 0°. that was easy. K.I.S.S.

bonorum tables should pretty much remain the same but include barker-spiral. enochian gate (start: 351) & abjad shield (start: 238) numbers remain sequential with final listing. however, something interesting. barker-spiral doesn't begin until 06-September-2005 since Virgo is the 11th house. already know how barker-spiral set in zodiac wheel; however, spiral doesn't, um, hyperstitionally begin until 06-Sep.

[01] 27-Aug :: Scorpio
[02] 28-Aug :: Sagittarius
[03] 29-Aug :: Capricorn
[04] 30-Aug :: Aquarius
[05] 31-Aug :: Pisces
[06] 01-Sep :: Aries
[07] 02-Sep :: Taurus
[08] 03-Sep :: Gemini
[09] 04-Sep :: Cancer
[10] 05-Sep :: Leo
[11] 06-Sep :: Virgo 19° : [01] 1+9=10  |  0+9=9  ||  10+9=19
[12] 07-Sep :: Libra 00° : [12] 3+7=10  |  1+8=9  ||  10+9=19

barker-spiral begins at Virgo 19° (keep track of bonorum minister here for future cycles). colors set using color order here, ie, #FFD900 is the color for Virgo 19°.

[1] Barker-Spiral: Vir 19°-Sag 18°, Zoa #19-Tchakki 6::4 (Sco 20°-29° : Straight Aerial - Dipsy)

Mesh-19. Tchakki (Chuckles). Bag of Tricks. Pitch Ana-1. Net-Span 6::4 Amphidemon of Combustion. Decadology. C/tp-#6, Mn+ [6H]. 1st Decademon. Rt-1:[4187236] Quenching accidents (apprentice smiths). [+1 sub-Rt]. Rt-2:[45187236] Mappings between incompatible time-systems (Herakleitean fire-cycle). [+1 sub-Rt]. Rt-3:[456] Conflagrations (shrieking deliria, spontaneous combustion).

[2] Barker-Spiral: Sag 19°-Pis 18°, Zoa #37-Tutagool 9::1 (Pis 00°-09° : Triangular Aerial - Tinky Winky)

Mesh-37. Tutagool (Yettuk). The Tattered Ghoul. Pitch Ana-1. Net-Span 9::1 Amphidemon of Punctuality. Decadology. C/tp-#7, Mn+ [7H]. 4th Decademon Rt-1:[189] The dark arts, rusting iron, tattooing (one-way ticket to Hell).

[3] Barker-Spiral: Pis 19°-Gem 18°, Zoa #30-Nammamad 8::2 (Ari 00°-09° : Circular Aerial - Po)

Mesh-30. Nammamad. Mirroracle. Pitch Ana-1 Net-Span 8::2 Cyclic Chronodemon of Subterranean Commerce. Shadows Surge-Current.Ciphers Gt-28 Decadology. C/tp-#1, Mj+ [1C]. 3rd Decademon Rt-1:[2718] Voodoo in cyberspace (cthulhoid traffic). Rt-2:[275418] Mn. Completion as final collapse (heat-death, degenerative psychoses). [+1 sub-Rt]. Rt-3:[8172] Mj. Emergences (and things washed-up on beaches).

[4] Barker-Spiral: Gem 19°-Vir 18°, Zoa #24-Pabbakis 7::3 (Leo 10°-19° : Curly Aerial - Laa-Laa)

Mesh-24. Pabbakis (Pabzix). Dabbler. Pitch Ana-1 Net-Span 7::3 Amphidemon of Interference (and fakery). Decadology. C/tp-#5, Mj+ [5C]. 2nd Decademon. Rt-1:[723] Batrachian mutations (and frog-plagues). Rt-2:[72563] Cans of worms (vermophobic hysteria, propagation by division). [+1 sub-Rt].

hmm. Dipsy has a darker face than the other Teletubbies (ethnic diversity?); double-hmm. "least liked Teletubby, according to a nationwide British poll".


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