northanger (northanger) wrote,

why not use all three?

[1] Titusville Chart = Aquarius 15° & Atlantis
[2] Zero Point = Virgo 19°
[3] Barker Spiral = Scorpio 27°

wonderful thing: full iteration of barker-spiral = 90° cycling through zodiac four times. BS beginning at Scorpio 27° means Virgo 19° approximately 292° at Eon Phase 30. six phases remain at this stage. Virgo 27° enters Phase 31, &etc. think this highlights the triadic-dynamic between Virgo-Libra-Scorpio.

don't know whether this survives implementation. other ideas: 9-sum starts at Virgo, 10-sum starts at Scorpio, but don't know how to synch those up exactly.


Hyperstition: AOK :: "add those together you get 19" - my problem, that's hard-core Atlantean propaganda (return to unity) - no coincidence the Centience cults SUBTRACT 19 from all oecumenic (20th c.) dates /// "four Zoas of Revelation seem awfully Teletubby-like to me" - the plot thickens - are you ready to asign color-spectrum order (and aerial types) to the Zoas yet?

colorful zoas (why me?) is this ok?

baker-spiral = 90 steps, repeat pattern. zodiac wheel = 360° or 90 x 4. correlates to Four Zoas dudes + Four Enochian Tablets (Sun Kings) & other four thingys. above link starts color at Aries 0°. correction from post at my place: since an anus is oval in appearance, zero point switched to Scorpio 27° (open to suggestions however, still in my eichen phase):

+Zero Point = Scorpio 27° (Asteroid Orchis)
+Barker Spiral = Virgo 19° (triangulating 25143 Itokawa & 2174 Asmodeus (ASHEMOGHA))

[1] Zero Point establishes Eon Phases, the 36 resonance between two planetary objects.

[2] Barker Spiral - begins at Virgo 19° = "zipper" attracting all twelve 19 degrees. do not think this describes 12-ray star. imagine zodiac wheel, move outward in space. not saying final figure looks like this, but imagine lorenz attractor overlay hitting all 19°. that's why i think color coordinates go here.

thoughts? big question mark for me: which one is "phase space"? Eon Phases based on moon model & doesn't necessarily (methinks) suggest true phase space. helpful calibration here welcome.

precession of the equinoxes :: extending point #2 above. look at last pic: what do you see?


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