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aesop's fable

got in shower. something ringing. oh, fire alarm. towel wrap & open door. beloved eldest niece looking ... scared shitless. me: i think the shower smog set off the ... smell something burning. sitting at the side of my bed with lighter (i didn't know it would turn on!) lit flame to napkin. i crack up & say: i need a smoke, i need a drink! she: sheepish, scared. get her scrubbing rug while i dress. she's so out of it. drop her off (are you ok? you know i'm not mad ... you don't look ok ... kiss me. i don't kiss! kiss me anyway!) & drive to work. should i go home & make double-sure everything's ok? DISCOVERY Series Land Rover in front of me. 862. drive to work. halfway to work remember beloved niece's house burnt down several years ago. ok ... jamba juice sounds like a good idea. LOVE my boss! he hugs me. me: i'm feeling better like i'm on solid ground. him: and Discovery landed ok. make bunches of calls since i have no phone. call mom. if only you'd live up to your potential.

several star currents running: aeonic archons (lashtal / hexagram), enochian gates (sigillum dei aemeth / heptagram), abjad shields (220 star / pentagram) & barker-spiral (827 star / triple pentagram). AQ 15 = AL. bonorum time cycles:

red = masculine
blue = feminine

even = masculine
odd = feminine

red-even = 10 spiral
blue-odd = 9 spiral

get the idea of a zipper. what's the function of the slider? hey, Many zippers today are still manufactured with an imprint of the initialism of the YKK Group.


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