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827 Chart Location: Wenzhou, China

Charts: 827 Chart (Titusville) (pdf) | 827 Chart (Wenzhou) (pdf)

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initially selected Titusville, Florida for 827 Chart location because Discovery STS-114 mission still in orbit & KSC located there.

idea to use Wenzhou, China for 827 Chart [1][2][3] location :: Dragons Over Tibet (photos: Himalayas|dragon).

however, needed to verify Wenzhou. Typhoon Matsa made landfall at Ganjiang town in Zhejiang Province at 3:40 AM (1940 UT) Saturday,06-August and moved northwest toward six major cities, including the provincial capital Wenzhou.


selected Wenzhou because (a) initial reports predicted landfall at Wenzhou & (b) qabbalistic triggers (see Lara Croft & asteroid Itokawa).

Titusville shares similarities with 220 Chart: ascendant at aquarius fifteen, neptune & damocles at aquarius fifteen, pentagram created by major planets. top-point for Titusville pentagram is Jupiter-Venus-Pallas. but, also note another pentagram where Moon is top-point. this pentagram more easily viewed when chart location in Wenzhou. pentagram's vertical axis closely aligned with medium coeli-imum coeli. biggest surprise: ascendant is Scorpio 19° — considered an "evil degree". fixed star Zubenelschemali is Porta #19 on 220 list; the Northern Scale of Libra called the Full Price or the price which covers. (another pentagram with mercury at top-point).

19° :: The degree of avidity, an evil degree; the crucial point in the war between the Ego and the Supreme Will; animal life. 19°8' :: Mars South Node. (Astrology Encyclopedia; see 1, 2).

Druj related to Pluto-True Node angle completing hexagram. see: Ephemerides of the True Dark Moon (Druj) & 220 syzygies, flower moon occults antares, True Dark Moon (Druj), 27-August-2005 :: Druj, (blank).


me bad. ascendant for Wenzhou chart (see above) is Virgo 19° — got sign symbols mixed up. represents Left Hepatic Groove. color, alchemical processes & ew, a liver; extra-hepatic portion of the fetal left umbilical vein becomes the adult ligamentum teres hepatis (the "round ligament of the liver" (fetus). searching "hepatic groove" pulls up crustacea / clawed lobster info. interesting because of the Virgo-Libra-Scorpio relationship: Libra originally part of Virgo/Scorpio forming part of the claws of the scorpion & part of the scales of Astraea. see: Libra, Libra Myth. need to check my notes since i've studied this a bit seeing biblical parallel with Dinah & Shechem. more later.


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